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The disadvantages of calculators is that they are no longer practical or convenient. Unless scientific in nature, most people use the calculators on their smart phones and wireless devices. While stand alone calculators are still in use, their popularity has immensely decreased across the nation.

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Q: Disadvantages of calculators
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What is the adavantages and disadvantages of calculators?

The advantages is to fasten your math problem but it can affect human nature by being lazy and a result

6 disadvantages of calculators?

Six disadvantages of calculators are: -They discourage mental math. -They can store formula's in their memory, allowing students to cheat on tests. -They can distract students, with games. -They are expensive, and unaffordable for some students. -They are difficult to learn to use, with fancy buttons and menus. -They are big, and hunky and aren't easily carried around.

What are the different types of calculators?

Calculators help in making technical math problems easy. The three most common types of calculators are handheld calculators, printing calculators, and scientific calculators.

Are all calculators in India solar calculators?

no there are no solar calculators in india

What does fitness calculators means?

Fitness calculators

What are calculators use in the accounts office for?

simple calculators

Where can I find investment calculators?

The best investment calculators, and general finance calculators, are all found online at This is the best website for calculators, in my personal opinion.

Are any calculators water proof?

There are some water-resistant calculators, but waterproof calculators are very hard to come by.

When was Primitive Calculators created?

Primitive Calculators was created in 1978.

Are there calculus calculators?

There are calculus calculators, such as the TI-200 Voyage.

What are the kinds of calculator?

Well an regular calculator a tip calculator for bills handheld calculators graphing calculators and plus calculators

A five letter word for early calculators?

early calculators= hands

Where can I find financial calculators online?

A website called Mini Web Tool has a long list of financial calculators online. They have mortgage calculators, auto loan calculator, calculate interest calculators, credit card calculator, ROI calculators, profit to sales ratio calculator, and many more. They have calculators for almost every need.

Where can I find an interest only calculator?

You can find one on the following sites that I found for you at these sites ,

What calculators should be used in Anna university board exams?

scientific calculators

Why do people prefer computers to calculators?

Because computers can do more than calculators.

How accurate are calculators?

Electronic calculators are usually accurate to about 10 significant figures.

What is the importance of a calculators?

Calculators are used for solving calculations which are beyond normal reasoning

Are there amortization calculators that I can use with excel?

I recommend as an excellent website for amortization calculators that can be used in Microsoft excel

What are disadvantages of using a calculator?

Well there are many disadvantages in human life if we use it in the bad way. But many calculator disadvantages are seen .... So we should avoid, because they give us no right!!Disadvantages of a calculators (the following could result from over-reliance on calculators):Some people who use calculators too much are so much used to it don't even remember the table of 9, large scale addition.They are weak in mental math!!They are having very poor speed in maths.They cause great distraction to little children, as well.Calculators can produce wrong calculations if data is not properly entered. Over-reliance can result in the error going unnoticed, because the user cannot estimate a range for the desired calculation result, and trusts the calculator output.

Why to write programs when you have calculators?

You mean the calculators should write the programs? Well, they couldn't.

Factor on the calculator?

graphing calculators only. TI-83 and TI-84 calculators.

Are there any calculators with sound and volume adjustment?

There are calculators with sound and volume adjustment. These calculators are used by medical doctors and scientists. They are not available for the general public to purchase.

What calculators have a cover for transporting them?

There are many calculators that come with covers. Compucessory, Office Depot, and Texas Instruments all have great calculators with protective hard covers.

Where can I find online information about interest only calculators?

You can find information about interest only calculators at the following