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Six disadvantages of calculators are: -They discourage mental math. -They can store formula's in their memory, allowing students to cheat on tests. -They can distract students, with games. -They are expensive, and unaffordable for some students. -They are difficult to learn to use, with fancy buttons and menus. -They are big, and hunky and aren't easily carried around.

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Q: 6 disadvantages of calculators
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Disadvantages of calculators?

The disadvantages of calculators is that they are no longer practical or convenient. Unless scientific in nature, most people use the calculators on their smart phones and wireless devices. While stand alone calculators are still in use, their popularity has immensely decreased across the nation.

What is the adavantages and disadvantages of calculators?

The advantages is to fasten your math problem but it can affect human nature by being lazy and a result

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Calculators come in many different sizes.

What are the different types of calculators?

Calculators help in making technical math problems easy. The three most common types of calculators are handheld calculators, printing calculators, and scientific calculators.

Are all calculators in India solar calculators?

no there are no solar calculators in india

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51. Calculators are awesome by the way!

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It should be 26 calculators per classroom and one will be left (you can't have a decimal at answer because you cannot divided a calculator!)

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Fitness calculators

What are calculators use in the accounts office for?

simple calculators

Where can I find investment calculators?

The best investment calculators, and general finance calculators, are all found online at This is the best website for calculators, in my personal opinion.

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There are some water-resistant calculators, but waterproof calculators are very hard to come by.

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