Do accountants use maths

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Q: Do accountants use maths
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What maths they used for accountants?

maths? maybe you should be concerned about what "englishes" they use

Why do accountants use maths?

Accountants use maths to keep track of the companies financial movements - or the banks, either way, their job is to basically keep track of the financial side of everything - meaning using a lot of maths, and making sure it's correct.

What jobs are there in maths?

mathematitions and accountants

What types of jobs use math?

There are many such as: maths teachers, accountants, engineers and architects.  

How much do accountants use iT?

To what extent do accountants use I.T

A story on use of maths in your daily life?

a story of maths on topic use of maths in our daily life

Why do accountants use speadsheets?

Accountants deal with numbers in all sorts of calculations. Spreadsheets are used for working with numbers and calculations. So naturally accountants can make a lot of use of them. Excel also provides some special functions and facilities that are particularly useful to accountants. So accountants are one of the professionals that make most use of spreadsheets.

What countries use maths how?

All countries use maths for calculations.

How do accountants use decimals?

Accountants use decimals by simply dividing the fractions and getting a decimal number. One does not need to be an accountant to use decimals.

Why did Romans use maths?

For the same reasons that we need to use maths today.

How do accountants use calculus?

very badly

Use of maths in lifetime?

you use maths in school, college, some jobs. if you want to have a job in maths you better start revising.

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