Do all triangles tile a plane?

Updated: 12/19/2022
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yes it does!

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Q: Do all triangles tile a plane?
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Can equilateral triangles tile the plane?


Do all quadrilaterals tile a plane?


What is the title for the group of plane shapes?

All triangles

Does a scalene triangle tile?

Yes all triangles tile because their angle sum, 180 degrees, is a multiple of 360 degrees.

Do scalene triangles tile?


Example of plane polygon are what?

all of the quadrilaterals, triangles, and many more. In fact, all the polygons.are plane figuresl

What are all the regular polygons that tile?

The only ones are equilateral triangles, squares and regular hexagons.

How do you change a tile to a triangle?

If a tile is a square or rectangle, cut the tile from corner to corner and you will create two triangles.

Which regular polygons will fit together to tile a flat surface?

Triangles, squares and hexagons. That is if they all have to be the same. If you use different regular polygons, you can tile a flat surface with triangles and 12-sides or with squares and 8-sides for example.

Will the exterior angle theorem work for all triangles?

Yes, all plane triangle.

Given n points in the plane you draw all possible triangles whose vertices are any three of the given points Atleast how many of them are obtuse-angled triangles?

The least number of obtuse triangles, if all possible triangles are drawn for n points in a plane, is zero. If all the n points lie in a straight line, no triangles are possible and so no obtuse triangles are able to be drawn; thus for any number n, there is a possibility that no obtuse triangles can be drawn, so the least possible number of obtuse triangles drawn is zero.

Does a regular pentagon tile the plane?