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all of the quadrilaterals, triangles, and many more. In fact, all the polygons.are plane figuresl

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Q: Example of plane polygon are what?
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What figure is Two Dimensional but yet not a polygon?

A circle is one example of a plane figure that is not a polygon. A V is also not a polygon.

Is a polygon a pentogon?

No, but a pentagon is a polygon. A polygon is a plane shape with 3 or more straight sides.

Is a plane figure a polygon?


What plane figure is not a polygon?

A circle?

Explain why the shape of a football is not a polygon?

It has a curved surface.

Why is the plane figure a polygon?

The question is based on a complete misunderstanding of what a polygon is. A plane figure is not necessarily a polygon. The following are some examples of plane figures which are not polygons:a straight linea curvean anglea circlean ellipsea parabola.

Is boxes a polygon?

No, a polygon must be 2 dimensional and lie on a single plane.

What type of geometric figure is formed by the intersection of a line and plane?

a polygon a polygon * * * * * No it is not! If the line is in that plane then it is the whole line. If not, it is a single point.

Is a polygon always with three sides?

no, a polygon is a closed plane figure bounded by straight sides. so, it can have more than three example would be a rectangle, square, pentagon....

What is a polygon and a quadrangle?

A polygon is a closed plane shape which is bounded by straight lines. A quadrangle is a polygon with 4 sides.

Does a polygon have a flat surface why?

Yes, because a polygon is a plane (flat) figure. By definition, if it is not flat, it cannot be a polygon.

What is a polgon?

a polygon is a closed plane shape

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