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Q: Do identical twins feed off the same placenta?
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Do identical or non-identical twins share a placenta?

do identical or non identical twins share the same placenta

Are twins sharing same placenta identical?

no they do not.

Why do fraternal twins have their own placenta?

Identical twins may or may not share the same placenta . Identical twins develop when a fertilized egg splits. Depending on when the split occurs will determine if the twins share a placenta, with either one or two chorions and amnions, or if they each develop their own placentas.

What is the difference between idetical and non idetical twins in the way they are found?

The difference between Identical and Non-Identical twins is that Identical twins share the same placenta and are basically identical to one another. Non-Identical twins do not share the same placenta in the womb and two eggs fertilized at time of conception as opposed to one egg splitting in the case of Identical twins. I think that covers the basics. Hope this has clarified things for you.

Does 2 sacs and one placenta mean fraternal twins?

I am pretty sure because that is how my twins are at the moment that one placenta and two sacs mean identical twins more often than fraternal and more often identical if they are the same sex

How Do Fraternal Twins Occur and Identical Twins Occur?

Fraternal twins (dizygotic twins) are simply two fertilized eggs that are implanted in the uterus at the same time. Identical twins (monozygotic twins) is one fertilized egg that separates into two embryos. In most cases, identical twins share one placenta, but have separate amniotic sacs. In some cases, they have two placentas. In rare cases, they share both the placenta and the amniotic sac.

What is the genetic difference between identical and non identical twins?

Identical twins are formed by the separation of the same embryo containing same genetic coding. thus the the twins are identical as formed from the same embryo. But this is not the case in the non-identical twins as they are formed from the individual embro each having different genetic coding.

How are twins identical?

Twins are identical because they come from the same egg.

If I had identical twins 3 years ago what are my changes of having another set of identical twins?

The same as when you had the first set of identical twins.

Is the DNA in twins the same?

if they share 1 heart then yes they do. but if they have different hearts then they do not

Do twins have the same DNA?

identical twins do. just not the same fingerprints.

Which animals are the same?

Identical twins.