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Sometimes. The square root of 2 is, but the square root of 9 is not.

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Q: Do radicals represent irrational numbers
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Related questions

Are all irrational numbers radical?

No they are not. The numbers Pi and e are irrational and are not radicals. There are many others.

What is irrational and radicals?

what are irrational and radicals and rationals

What numbers represent irrational numbers?

These are the numbers which cannot be expressed as ratios of two integers.

Can irrational numbers represent on a number line?

No ,irrational no can not be represented on no line because it is not of the form p/

Can you represent an irrational number on a number line?

Irrational numbers can be graphed at a number line, but only as an estimation.

What are irrational numbers and why are they irrational?

They are numbers that are infinite

How can the pythagorean spiral be used to show the exact value of an irrational number?

It cannot. It can only show square roots which represent only a small proportion of irrational numbers.

What is the sign for a never-ending number?

"never-ending number" is ambiguous. You could either mean an infinite number, or an irrational number. For infinite numbers, you could use the Hebrew letter Aleph - which is used to represent the cardinal numbers of infinite sets of finite numbers. For irrational numbers, as far as I know there is no commonly accepted symbol to represent them.

List of rational and irrational numbers?

-- There's an infinite number of rational numbers. -- There's an infinite number of irrational numbers. -- There are more irrational numbers than rational numbers. -- The difference between the number of irrational numbers and the number of rational numbers is infinite.

What is a statement irrational numbers?

Irrational numbers are real numbers.

What are the solutions of irrational numbers?

They are irrational numbers!

Are decimal or mixed fractions irrational?

Some are and some are not.Decimal fractions which are neither terminating nor recurring represent irrational numbers.A fraction in the form of a ratio, in its simplest form, where either the numerator or the denominator is irrational (or both) are irrational.

Are real numbers irrational numbers?

No, but the majority of real numbers are irrational. The set of real numbers is made up from the disjoint subsets of rational numbers and irrational numbers.

Are all irrational numbers real numberzs?

All irrational numbers are real, but not all real numbers are irrational.

What numbers are irrational numbers?

Numbers that can't be expressed as fractions are irrational

If you add two irrational numbers do you get an irrational number?

Not necessarily. The sum of two irrational numbers can be rational or irrational.

Are irrational numbers negative numbers?

No. Some negative numbers are irrational and some are not. Some irrational numbers are negative and some are not.

Is ฯ€ a rational or irrational numbers?

Pi is irrational. Rational numbers are numbers that can be written as a fraction. Irrational numbers cannot be expressed as a fraction.

Is it true that no irrational numbers are whole numbers?

Yes, no irrational numbers are whole numbers.

Are imaginary numbers irrational numbers?

No. Irrational numbers are real numbers, therefore it is not imaginary.

Properties of irrational numbers?

properties of irrational numbers

Are rational numbers is an irrational numbers?

yes * * * * * No. Rational and irrational numbers are two DISJOINT subsets of the real numbers. That is, no rational number is irrational and no irrational is rational.

How are irrational numbers and rational numbers alike?

Both irrational and rational are real. Rational numbers are numbers that can be written as a fraction. Irrational numbers cannot be expressed as a fraction.

Are irrational numbers always rational?

Irrational numbers are never rational numbers

True or false irrational numbers are not real numbers?

False. Irrational numbers are real numbers.