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solve means workout the answer to a math question

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Q: Do solve mean add
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Related questions

How do you solve the mean?

to solve the mean, you add up all the numbers. then you divide it by the amount of numbers there are.ex. 2, 4, 6= 12 divided by 3= 4

How do you solve a mean?

Add up all the numbers, divide the total by how many numbers there were. that is the formula for mean.

How do you solve mean?

You take all the numbers in the data and add them. Then you divide by how many numbers are in the data. :)

How do you solve the mean of a number?

its the average so u can add evrything up and divide it by how much you have. :D

How do you solve a math average?

Add up all of the numbers you have, and divide by the number of numbers you added. This is also called the mean.

How do you solve a mean squared deviation?

You cannot "solve" a mean squared deviation". You can calculate it or use it, but there is nothing to solve!

How do you solve the perimeter of the quadrilateral?

add them up

How do you solve for the mean of a math problem?

Add all the data together, and divide the sum by the number of data pieces you added up.

What does solve a simpler problem to solve mean?

Analyzing it!

How do you find the quantity in math?

You add and then solve the math

How do you solve problems that need addition signs?

Add them!

How do you solve a matrix?

Please clarify what you want to "solve". There are several operations you can do with matrices, such as add them, multiply them, transpose them, etc.

Can you Solve an algebra problem?

yes you have to solve by order of operations. Perenthasis Exponents Mult. Divi. Add. Sub.

How solve do generic rectangles?

add alll the numbers together

How do you solve probability with a mean?

You cannot solve probability since it is not a question! It is like asking how you can solve history!

What is the root word for insolvent?

Solve. Insolvement, in and ment are add ons, leaving only solve.

What does solve mean?

Find the answer.

Solve 30 divided by half add 10?


What operations are used to solve equations?

multiplication, division, add, subtraction

What is mean in math and how do you solve it?

The mean is the average. For example, 4, 5, and 6. To find the mean..... add the numbers together and then divide by the total amount of numbers. 4+5+6= 15 and 15/3 = 5. So the mean or average is equal to five.

What number would you add to both sides of the equation x - 8 equals 17 to solve for x?

Add 8

What does decrees mean does it mean ADD?

Decrease means to reduce and not to add.

What does evaulate mean in math mean?

Calculate; find; solve.

Does and mean to add or multiply?


How do you solve 42 plus 3 plus 1?

you add the together and get 46