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Q: Do string constants represent numerical values?
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What do you use decimals for?

Represent numerical values.

What are constants and how are they are different from varibles?

Constants are numerical values which are fixed but which may or may not be known. Variables are also numerical but may take a range of values. If a variable appears in an equation or inequality), it may be possible to solve the equation to ascertain the value of the variable.

What is a set of numerical data?

In statistics numerical data is quantitative rather than qualitative.

Why should you use constant value in physics and chemistry?

Physical constants are used for two main reasons. First, the quantitative predictions depend on the numerical values of the constants. An accurate knowledge of their values is therefore essential to achieve an accurate quantitative description of the physical universe. Second, the careful study of these constants can in turn test the overall consistency and correctness of the basic theories of physics themselves.

What is meant by precision of the measurement?

Precision of a measurement represents the numerical values which represent the dimensions of the instrument measured more accurately.Precised values are nearer t accuracy with negligible error.

How to turn ratios to numerical values?

Ratios ARE numerical.

What is the definition of symbolic constants in c language?

constants are values that does not chnage through out the program exceution..

What is the difference between a numerical and an algebraic expressions?

A numerical expression uses numbers and operations. It also has an equal sign. An algebraic expression uses variables and operations. Unlike a numerical expression it does not have an equal sign.

What is the use of constants and variables in programs?

to store values

Why do constant constants have units?

Constants in the sense you mean are different to mathematical constants. They usually refer to a system in which two values are proportionate and so are of the units associated with the system.

What is the answer in algebraic expression consists of two terms?

values and constants

Is there numerical values in dagesh Hebrew?

No, the dagesh has no numerical value, and is not used in numbers.