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Q: Do the wiresfrom the distributor go to positive and negative as marked on a positive grounded vehicle?
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Which wire is grounded positive or negative?

The negative wire is grounded.AnswerThe negative wire is grounded.

Is a 1991 Lincoln town car positive or negative grounded?

Negative ground

Is a dodge stratus a positive grounded vehicle?

No, it is negative ground.

Does positive go to ground in a car battery?

NO! positive is red and black is negative negative is grounded to the frame of the car, and positive goes to the electrical components.

If you grounded the electroscope what does that do to the leaves of your electroscope?

...Guys...This is the answer of simple! If we grounded the electroscope..whatever the charge on leaves are, positive or negative (as it depends with which charge you electrolyse the electroscope), if its positive and ground is negative (attraction) or if same + + so repultion

Why are most cars negative ground?

any any one positive or negative has to be grounded to reduce wire length , normally -ve is chosen as ground any any one positive or negative has to be grounded to reduce wire length , normally -ve is chosen as ground

Where does the two wires coming from an accel distributor connect too?

your coil's got a posative and a negative... Positive is Ignition hot and the negative connects to the distributor

Why positive terminal grounded to make the supply negative?

A DC circuit, of course, does not need to be grounded. It just needs a path from the negative to the positive (the actual flow of electrons). One can often simplify the wiring by using a common "ground" bus which might include a car's chassis for example. If the negative terminal is grounded, then everything that is not "ground" would be positive. Likewise, if the positive terminal is grounded, then everything that is not "ground" is negative. Since you are looking at return paths... you could potentially have 2 batteries, one that is negative grounded and one that is positive grounded. Consider two 12 volt batteries: +12V(a) -- (-12)V(b) -- GROUND -- (+12V)(c) -- (-12V)(d) If you connect (d) to either (b),(c), or Ground, one would have a 12V difference with (d) being negative. If you connect (a) to either (b), (c), or Ground, then one would have a 12V difference with (a) being positive. If you connect (a) to (d) then one would have a 24V difference with (a) still positive and (d) still being negative. One note... When Steel is given a negative potential (charge), it corrodes less than when it is given a positive potential (charge). This is the reason why negative ground is almost universally used on automobiles.

Why do PowerPoints have three sockets?

1 is for positive energy, another for negative energy and the circle one to keep it grounded.

What does grounded out mean in wiring of automobile?

On an automobile there is no (negative wire), the entire metal frame of the automobile is basically the negative wire. Grounded out means that a positive wire in the system has had the plastic covering somehow torn off and the bare wire is touching a part of the metal on the vehicle or a sharp piece of the vehicles metal has cut into a positive cable, either way it has "grounded out" (Bad thing), not to be confused with just plain "grounded" which is a good thing.

How do you know if a car has a negative or positive grounded battery?

Find the cable that is connected directly to the frame or sub-frame of the car. If it is red, then Positive is ground; If it is black, then Negative is ground. More than likely (but not in all cases) the electrical system is Negative ground.

Where is the positive and negative terminal of the overhead wire for local trains?

One terminal is the overhead wire, and the other terminal is the track, which is grounded.