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Q: Do two negatives make a positive when you subtract?
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Related questions

How do you subtract two negative numbers?

2 negatives make a positive

Do two negatives make a positive?

Yes two negatives do make a positive if you multiply.

When do two negatives make a positive?

Two negatives make a positive in multiplication and division

Do you add or subtract when you have two negatives?

two negatives makes a positive, meaning you add. i.e. 2 - -2 = 2+2 = 4

When you subtract a negative integer from another integer is the difference greater than or less than the original?

To subtract a negative number is equivalent to adding a positive number. Two negatives multiplied make a positive.

When you subtract a negative by a positive what does it make?

If you mean when you subtract a negative from a positive what does it make? If so, you will get a positive answer. This is because the two negative symbols are basically multiplied, and if you multiply two negatives you get a positive, so a positive number minus a negative number becomes a positive number plus a positive number. 6 - (-5) = 11 2 - (-10) = 12 125 - (-15) = 140

When you multiply two negatives by a positive will the answer be a negative or a positive?

positive two negatives equal a positive a positive times a positive is a positive.

What is the answer when you subtract a positive number and a negative number?

You know the saying two lefts don't make a right? Well, the opposite applies here. Two negatives indeed do make a positive. Say I have two numbers, 10 and -5, and I want to subtract the positive one from the negative one. 10 - (-5) <-- two negatives in a row become a positive. 10 + 5 = 15 You can verify this yourself by using a number line. The difference is visually the distance between two numbers on a number line. The distance from 10 to -5 is indeed 15.

Is two negatives and a positive a positive?


What do two negatives equal two?

When combining (adding) two negatives you get a negative. When multiplying two negatives you will get a positive.

Can two negatives make positive?

They can if the binary operation is multiplication or division.

What is positive eight minus negative 3?

When you have to subtract a negative number, the two negatives cancel each other out to create a positive. So really, your question is what is positive 8 plus positive 3.

How do you write a formula to subtract a negative minus a negative?

a negative minus a negative = a positive. the two negatives put together make a plus sign. example... 5-(-7) = 13

When does two negatives make a positive?

When two negative real numbers are multiplied together, the product is a positive real number.

What is 3 divided by -3?


Do two negitives make a positive?

Yes, because the two negatives cancel each other out.

What happens when two negatives are next to each other?

If you add two negative numbers, the result is negative.If you multiply two negative numbers, the result is positive.

Two negatives equal what?

It is said that two negatives equal a positive when multiplying them with coefficients.

Why two negatives is a positive?

I feel that two negatives are positive because you add* your two negative integers* together, you would be doing this: -+- (negative + negative) so the response is, is that if two integers where both negative, you would add, just like if there were two positives, you would add, but not if you have different signs. (positive+negative) you would subtract. Just as the same with negative + positive. [REVIEW: if the sign is the same, add, if the sign is different, you subtract.] *=you may not always add *=integers- a fancy word for numbers.

What is the answer if you divide two negatives?

The answer is positive.

What is the result of two negatives?

A positive.

Can ah O negative and a O negative have a baby with O positive?

No. Two negatives can't make a positive.

Is subtracting a negative number the same as adding a positive number?

For negatives, two negatives equal a positive & all goes for positive

Do 2 negatives equal a positive yes or no?

Yes, when multiplying or dividing two negatives the result is a positive number.

When having a negative and a positive sign do you add or subtract?

If two negaitve signs occur next to each other in an equation, as in 4 -(-2) then the two negatives becomes a positive and you add the two to get 6. Otherwise, you just do what the equation states: -5 + 3 you add; =-2. -5 - 3 you subtract; = -8

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