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a negative minus a negative = a positive. the two negatives put together make a plus sign. example... 5-(-7) = 13

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Q: How do you write a formula to subtract a negative minus a negative?
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How do you write negative number in Korean?

minus 1

How do you know when to add or subtract an integer when one is positive and one is negative?

1). Find the difference between them. Forget about plus and minus, just subtract the smaller one from the bigger one. 2). Write the difference, and give it the sign of whichever original number was bigger.

How do you write total in words for a negative value?

You can use "minus", "negative", "in debit" or "below zero".

How do you write two minus five equals negative three?


How do you write the formula for K plus one P subtract three?

Since there is no "equals" in the question, there cannot be a formula, only an expression.

How do you add positive and negative fractions?

-- Remember which one was positive and which was negative, then forget about the signs.-- Write down the one that was positive-- Subtract from it the one that was negative(Notice that if the negative one was bigger, then the answer will be negative.)

How do you write 5 less than a number is 2?

If you subtract 5 from 2, you get negative 3 (-3).

What does negative plus positive equal to?

In math when you are given a negative and a positive number, you should write down the sign of the greatest number and subtract the smaller number from the greatest number. In the problem 3 - 9, three is the positive number, and nine is the negative number. This means you should write down the negative number's sign and subtract 3 from 9, and your answer should be -6.

What is 1224?


What is 8 minus two and one sixth?

Write 8 as 7 6/6 (7 and 6 sixths). Then subtract the integer part, and the numerator of the fractions.

How do you write 205 minus 200 divided by 205 multiply by 100 in excel formula?


What do you do when you subtract a positive from a negative?

Subtracting a positive from a negative. You would write (this is an example) : -7-(+9)=-16 You don't necessarily have to put the parentheses and the positive sign, though sometimes it may be required.