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two negatives equal a positive a positive times a positive is a positive.

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Q: When you multiply two negatives by a positive will the answer be a negative or a positive?
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When a positive and a negative are being multipied does it come out positive?

no, negative....if you multiply two negatives it comes out positive

What can you conclude about multiplication with negative numbers?

If you multiply a negative number with a positive number, the result will be negative. If you multiply two negatives, the result will be positive.

Do two negatives make a positive?

Yes two negatives do make a positive if you multiply.

How do you multiply a negative times a negative?

If the two numbers you are multiplying are both negatives, the answer will be a positive,(two negatives make a positive).If you multiply a negative and a positive the result willbe a negative,(different symbols will result in negative.============================So, if I can squeeze in here for a second and actually answer the question . . .To multiply a negative number by another negative number, throw away bothnegative signs, and proceed just as if both numbers were positive.

What happens when two negatives are next to each other?

If you add two negative numbers, the result is negative.If you multiply two negative numbers, the result is positive.

When multipying two negatives gives positive?

always...whenever u multiply a negative with a negative it gives a positive other rules are: - * - = + -*+ = - +*+=+ -*-*-=- because - * - is positive multiplied by negative is negative

How do you multiply negative decimals?

Since there are two negatives, the answer has to be positive. So, just mulitpl as usual.

When dividing two negatives does it equal a positive?

Actually it does, whenever you mulitply and divide two negative and two positive numbers they always equal a positive number. When you multiply and divide a negative and positive they always equal a negative number.

What happens when you divide two negative numbers?

GenelleBabee: it becomes a positive because when you multiply two negatives it becomes a positive, & it's the same thing with division.

What do two negatives equal two?

When combining (adding) two negatives you get a negative. When multiplying two negatives you will get a positive.

Is a negative divided by a positive zero?

There is no such thing as a positive or a negative zero. A negative divided by a positive is a negative, and a positive divided by a negative is a negative. If you have a negative and a positive, the answer will be a negative. But if you have two negatives or two positives as the dividend and divisor, the answer will be a positive. In other words, dividing two positives or two negatives will always give you a positive. But dividing a positive and a negative will always give you a negative.

What is 5 multiplied by negative 8?

To help you with future negative multiplications, two negatives= a positive answer. One negative and one positive= a negative. Just multiply like you would normally, but keep those two pointers in mind.