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round up

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Q: Do you round the 5 in desimal?
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What is the desimal for 5 over 17?


When calculating money with a decimal do you always round up?

round tu 2 digits aft desimal point

What is the desimal of 4 over 5?

4 / 5 is equal to 0.8

How do you change a desimal to mixed fraction?

5 divide By 10/11

What could be the desimal for 5 holes and one-fourth?

It is: 5 and 1/4 = 5.25 as a decimal

What 27 out of 73 into a desimal?


What is 2 thirds as a desimal?

0.6666 repeating

How do you make three hundredths into a desimal?


What is three eights in desimal form?


What is 1 and 24 in desimal form?


How do you write 1 fith as a desimal?


What is the desimal for three eighths?

3/8 = 0.375

How do you write nine and three fifths as a desimal?


How can you change a fraction into a desimal?

Divide the numerator by the denominator.

What is 11.25 in desimal form?

11.25 is in decimal form.

How do you round a desimal hundredth to the nearest tenth?

If the second number after the decimal (hundredths) is less than 5 it rounds to the first number after the decimal (tenths). If the second number after the decimal (hundredths) is 5 or greater it rounds to one higher than the first number after the decimal (tenths). For example 0.14 = .1 0.16 = .2

0.75 as a percentage?

75 % when you have a desimal you just x it by 100

What will help you locate a book in the shelves?

the diewi desimal system

What is a real number that can not be expressed as a desimal that repeats is?

It is an irrational number.

How do you round 14.5?

15 round 5 0-4 round down 5-9 round up

How do you change millimeter to centimeter what do you divide by?

You move the desimal place to the right once.

What is the word name of a desimal 0.376?

Three hundred seventy-six thousandths.

What is three thiths of 100?

three thiths of 100 must be 0.15 becase 20 thiths go into 100 and 3 5=15 so you turn it into a desimal and that is 0.15

How do you round 653?

To answer it you look at the middle number and if it is above 5 you round higher. If it below 5 you round lower.

When you round a number which digit in the number helps you decide to round up or round down?

If I think your asking the question how I think your asking it, then any number 5 and above you round up. If its below 5 you round down. :-)