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That depends entirely on why it was squared in the first place, and why you would wish to square it the second time.

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Q: Do you square a number when it has already been squared?
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The difference between a number squared and the number?

When a number is squared, it has been multiplied by itself. For instance: 4 squared means 4x4, which is equal to 16.

What is the difference between a square number and a cube number?

A square number has been multiplied by itself e.g. 2 squared = 2 x 2 = 4 Cubed is where it is multiplied by itself again e.g. 2 cubed = 2 x 2 x 2 = 8

Can you square root a number that has already been square rooted?

Yes.You can square root any number. Though, please note, if you square root a negative number then you end up with what is called an imaginary number.square root of 65,536 = 256square root of 256 = 16square root of 16 = 4square root of 4 = 2square root of 2 = 1.41421 (rounded)

What is 176.62 rounded to the nearest cent?

That number already has been.

Which of these are square numbers 25 or 36?

The square root of 25 is 5 because 5X5=25. The square root of 36 is 6 because 6X6=36. So they are both numbers that have been squared.

1 acre is how many square miles?

This question has already been answered, but 1 acre is equivalent to .0015625 square miles.

What is 49.5 sq in feet?

49.5 squared is 2450.25: it is not possible to express that in feet (or square feet) since no units have been specified for 49.5

What are numbers that have been squared?


How many meters in 4046 square meters?

This is equal to a square with lengths of 63.61 metres. You however cannot associate length with area unless been given another length (unless it's a square where area is length squared)

What does squqre number mean?

A square number is simply a number that has been multiplied by itself as for example 4*4 = 16 which then becomes a square number and likewise 5*5 = 25

Is the square root of 11 a whole number?

It is true that the square root of a prime number like 11 is never a whole number. But to say that that has never been proven is incorrect. The square root of any positive integer that is not a square number (the square of an integer) is always irrational, and that is relatively easy to prove. To prove that prime numbers are not square numbers is even easier. That is basically true by definition. If a number greater than 1 were a square number, its square root would be a factor other than 1 and itself; therefore, it would not be a prime number.Answer 1No - the square root of 11 is not a whole number. 11 is prime so it has no factors except itself and 1, anyways.Any prime number has no square root that is a whole number or integer. (That postulate has not been proven, but it has not been disproven so it is accepted as true.)

When does book number six come out for the 39 clues?

It already has been, or at least in America.

How do you evaluate a square root?

You know to find out which out which number has been timed by itself to make the number in the square root. For example: If the number inside the square root is 49, you need to find out which number has been timed by itself to make 49. As you may know, the number inside the square root is always a square number, so I would advise you to learn the list of square numbers. 7 x 7= 49, so the square root of 49 is 7. Remember that Evaluate simply means work out. So when to asked to evaluate a square number, cube number, square root, cube root etc., simply just work it out. Evaluating powers and roots is grade D in maths.

Why is eight a square number?

A square number is a number that has been produced by multiplying an initial number by itself. Thus, 8 is not a square number. This can quickly be checked by breaking the number down into its prime factors. If it is a square number, all the prime factors will pair off with duplicates. In this case, 8 = 2x2x2. While 2 of the 2s can partner off, we are left with one left over. Therefore we can say definitively that 8 is not a square number.

Has any horse shoe ever been solid in stead of the u shape?

for draft horses they occasionally have the feet squared off so they use square shoes

What is 7 to the 2 power?

49."To the second power" means that the number is multiplied by itself once.We also refer to this as "squaring" or that a number has been "squared".7 * 7 = 49.

Five less than twice what negative number is 157?

As written, the question has no solution.It was supposed to read " ... negative number squared...", but was corruptedduring the complex typing operation. Had it been correctly typed, the answerwould have been -9 .

How do you find the volume of a cuboid when the numbers are squared?

It depends on what numbers are squared. The length, width and height MUST be linear measures: they cannot be given in square units. You could have been given the areas of the faces, in which case there is a simple but different method to calculate the volume.

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to elaberate: lets say "T" is and has always been equal to time and "H" is equal to "Here" (or placement). R is replicate, O is ovate. OR is replicated squared. "T" is also equal to a quam; thus time is square, not liniar.

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How do you square numbers 5 and 4?

"squaring" any number means to multiply it times itself. Using your examples: 5 x 5 = 25 (You must have already memorized what 5 x 5 equals). 4 x 4 = 16 (Also must have already been memorized)

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Why is 22 not a square number?

A square number is a number that has been produced by multiplying an initial number by itself. This means, if we split the number into its prime factors, we should find duplicates of each prime factor. In the case of 22, it splits up into 2 and 11. There is no partner for the 2 or the 11, and so we can say definitively that 22 is not a square number.

Round 535 to nearest tenth?

Since 535 is a whole number - it's already been rounded !