Do you square volume

Updated: 9/21/2023
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No, unless you want a measure in 6-dimensional hyperspace!

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Q: Do you square volume
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What is the unit for the volume of a square?

A square only has area, not volume.

Can you measure the volume of a square?

Volume of a square = length*width*height

What is the volume expression of a square?

The formula that expresses the volume of a square isV = 0 .A square is a 2-dimensional (flat) shape, so it has no volume.

Are is to square feet as volume is to...?

Area is to square feet as volume is to cubic feet.

How do you calculate volume of square?

A square has an area not a volume. Here are some equations for a cube and a square area of a square = length² volume of a cube = length³ Remember that units are very important.

How do you do in volume square?

With great difficulty. A volume is a cubic - or 3-dimensional - measure. So a volume square is a hyper-volume in 6-dimesional space.

What is the formula for volume for a square?

Volume is in 3D objects, so you should say volume for a cube. Area is for 2D objects, that is area for square. Volume for cube = side * side * side Area of square = side * side

What is the Volume of 25 square inches?

25 square inches is a measure of area and can't be converted to a volume.

Is a square meter a unit of volume?

No - a square metre is a unit of area. A cubic metre is a unit of volume.

What equation is used to find the volume of a square?

There are none because a square can't be expressed in terms of volume

Does a square have volume?

No because volume involves multiplying by a value on the 3rd dimension, and since the length on the 3rd dimension is 0 a square's volume is 0.

Area is to square as what is to cube?

volume is to a cube volume is to a cube