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Normally, you would subtract it.

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Q: Do you subtract or add at the end of a division problem?
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What do you do if there is an whole number in an adding and subtractingdecimal problem?

You can add or subtract it as a whole number. If you must use its decimal form, you just stick a decimal point at the end the whole number!

In division why should the remainder not be greater than the divisor?

The problem would not end

How do you subtract 0.5 from 0.05 how do you work it out it?

To subtract 0.5 from 0.05 first line up the decimal points in your equation. If you need to add a zero behind the 5 in 0.5 so you get 0.50. Then subtract as if there was no decimal point (take it as 50-5). After you subtract bring the decimal point down. You should end up with 0.45.

How does this work Pick a number any number add 17 double it subtract 4 double it add 20 divide by 4 and subtract 20 You end up with your original answer. How?

Start with n, then you get; Add 17: n + 17 Double it: 2n + 34 Subtract 4: 2n + 30 Double it: 4n + 60 Add 20: 4n + 80 Divide by 4: n + 20 Subtract 20: n which is where you started.

What is the definition of front end estimation?

When using front-end estimation, we add or subtract the front digits, and then adjust for a more accurate estimation by estimating the sum of the digits to the right of the decimal point.

How do you subtract with decimal?

Its easy, dont worry about the decimal and do regular subtraction and at the end just add the decimal right under all the other decimals.

How do you pick a number any number and i will tell you what you end up with?

I like this one.... think of a number multiply by 2 add 12 subtract 4 divide by 2 subtract the number you thought of and the answer is 4 it always works its a mathematical certainty once you have the number 4 you can add subtract etc to your hearts content and make any new number provided you remember the answer yourself.

What is adding probability?

well, its usually a numerical problem where you will probably end up adding the numbers together to end up with the correct answer. Of course the alternative to this, the subtracting probability, is where you would probably have to subtract to end with the correct solution.

What is 5x minus 5x?

Regardless of what 'x' is, if you subtract the amount you have from the amount you have, you end up with zero.

What is the sequence of events that occurs from the end of one division to the end of the next division?

cell cycle

Subtract s from 5 then subtract 7 from the result?

The end result is: -2 + s

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the division of the cytoplasm, which occurs near the end of telophaase is called

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The division that Preston North End participates in is the League One in England.

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What is the end product of cell division?

The end product of cell division is two complete cells that have genetically identical nuclei.

You will start and end with the same number every time you subtract what?

Each time you subtract zero you will begin and end with the same number - ie, the original amount.

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