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No , it is Communitive Property of addition. (:

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Q: Does 6 plus 4 equal 4 plus 6 illustrate the additive identity property?
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What is 0 equal to in property of sets in algebra 2?

It is the additive identity.

What is the definition of additive identity property?

The additive identity states that "Any number plus zero is equal to the original number."A + 0 = AHere is an example: 8+0=8 or 25+0=25

What ia a additive identity?

The additive identity is 0. The identity in a mathematical operation is the value that when the operation is performed, does not change the original value of the other operand. The additive identity is the number that, when added to another number, returns a value equal to the other number.

What is the additive property in math?

The additive property states that any number added to zero will equal it's original number.A + 0 = A6 + 0 = 6

What property does the following example illustrate 2 plus 8 plus 7 equals 2 plus 8 plus 7?

As it appears the only thing it illustrates is the identity property ie anything is equal to itself. If there were brackets: (2 + 8 ) + 7 = 2 + (8 + 7) then that would illustrate the associative property of addition of numbers.

Why is the sum of any number x and zero equal to the initial number x?

This is due to the additive identity property: x + 0 = x. 0 simply does not change the value of any number when added (or subtracted).

What is the definition of the Additive inverse property?

Any number plus zero is equal to the original amount.

What is the definition of Identity Property of Multiplication?

The Identity Property of Multiplication means multiplying a number by 1 will equal that number. The value will not change.

When 1 times any number equal that number which property?

"Multiplicative Identify Property of One" or "Identity Property of Multiplication"

What is the identity property of Division?

The identity property of division simply states that any number divided by one is equal to the original number. Mathematically: x/1 = x

What is The difenition of multiplicative identity property?

the answer will equal its # ex: 8+0=8

What two numbers equal -6 and 40?

By the identity property, the only numbers that can equal -6 and 40 are -6 and 40 themselves.

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