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It is the additive identity.

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Q: What is 0 equal to in property of sets in algebra 2?
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What property is -4 plus 0 -4 in Algebra?

It is the additive identity property of the number 0.

What number is equal to -27?

-27 is a number. Through the Reflexive Property of Algebra, -27=-27. You could also represent it as an expression such as 0-27 or -28+1.

Why the addition of vector A and B is equal to 0?

Because Algebra said so

What are the Idiosyncrasies of matrix algebra?

idiosyncrasies of matrix are the differences between matrix algebra and scalar one. i'll give a few examples. 1- in algebra AB=BA which sometimes doesn't hold in calculation of matrix. 2- if AB=0, scalar algebra says, either A, B or both A and B are equal to zero. this also doesn't hold in matrix algebra sometimes. 3- CD=CE taking that c isn't equal to 0, then D and # must be equal in scalar algebra. Matrix again tend to deviate from this identity. its to be noted that these deviations from scalar algebra arise due to calculations involving singular matrices.

Is 3x0 equal 0 a Commutative Property of Multipliction?

Technically, 3*0=0 is the Multiplication Property of Zero. But any form of multiplication is the Commutative Property.

I know what exclamations in algebra mean but how would i answer 0 with an exclamation after it?

Zero factorial is equal to one. 0! = 1

What property in algebra is negative 2 plus 0 equals negative 2?

Zero is the additive identity element.

What is the symbol for not equal to 0?

Either "<>0" (which works in character sets that don't allow or handle special characters well), or the not-equal sign which is an equal sign (=) overprinted with a slask (/).

What is another name for the zero property of multiplication?

The zero property is also called the "zero product property." The property states that any real number times 0 is always equal to 0.

What is the multiplicative property of zero?

The multiplicative property of zero states that any number multiplied by zero will equal zero. A x 0 = 0

What is The difenition of multiplicative identity property?

the answer will equal its # ex: 8+0=8

What is an inverse property of addition?

+8 - 8 = 0 is an example of the inverse property of addition. Inverse Property of Addition-A number added to its opposite integer will always equal zero. (The order does not matter, since it is addition.) [Ex. 3 + (-3) = 0 or (-3) + 3 = 0]

What does 0 0 in algebra?

Zero represents any value in algebra. This includes positive or negative numbers.

Give an example of sets A and B such that there union is equal to B and there intersection is equal to A?

A = { 0 } B = { 0, 1 } Or, in fact, any set would would, as long as A = B. Or A = an empty set.

Is 5 equals 5 plus 0 the symmetric property if not what property is it?

No, 5 = 5 + 0 is an example of the Zero Identity Property of Addition. The Symmetric property is a + b = b + a, so you're basically just reversing two terms and saying they're equal to each other.

Show that a x 0 equals 0 x a equals 0?

Yes it does equal 0. This is proved by commutative property of maths which says that 2 numbers can be multiplied in many ways.

What is the identity property of addition?

identity property is any number added by 3 is equal to number itself. ex. 2+0+2+0+2+0+2=2 or in a simple way just right 2+0=3

In algebra what is the result of a-a?


What is the additive property in math?

The additive property states that any number added to zero will equal it's original number.A + 0 = A6 + 0 = 6

What is the answer of Let a equals 1 in algebra matrix.?

a = [1] Simple as that!! did you mean an identity matrix (I)? then a would equal: a= [ 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 ] All 1's down the main diagonal

Who found number 0?

An Arab that is called by his last name Algebra, also made Algebra

Are 01234 and 12345 equal sets?

Sets A and B are equivalent if A is a subset of B and if B is a subset of A. A is a subset of B if every element of A is in B. Since 0 is in 01234 but not in 12345, 01234 isn't a subset of 12345, and therefore the sets are not equivalent.

In algebra what is the answer to 1x-1x?


What is the Quotient rule of exponents in algebra?

The quotient rule of exponents in Algebra states that dividing expressions with the same base you subtract the exponents. However, the base cannot be equal to zero.The above statement follows this rule in Algebra:xm/xn = xm-n;x cannot equal 0Here's an example:x15/x5 = x15-5 = x10

What are the solution sets 4s2 plus 12s plus 9 equals 0?

The solutions are: s = -3/2 and s = -3/2 they have equal roots