Does 7(9-3p) 42p

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does 7(9-3p) = 42p

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Q: Does 7(9-3p) 42p
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5 x 42p = £2.10

What is 42p-1 equals 5p plus 4?

42p-1 = 5p+4 42p = 5p+5 37p = 5 p = 5/37 p = 0.135135...

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42% or 21/50

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35 p/kg x 1.2 kg = 42p

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Amount needed: 7 times 6p = 42p

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4.20 = 420p 42*10 = 420p 10 times greater

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42p 18/3 x 7 = 6 x 7 = 42

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algebra8p +4 = 10 +6p+8p - 6p = +10 - 42p = 6p = 3

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