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Q: Does H2 have positive or negative atoms?
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What is an atom that has a net positive or negative electric charge?

Positive atoms: cations. Negative atoms: anions

What are atoms OR groups of atoms with a positive OR negative charge?

a zewithalarion shows poth positive and negative; go figure...

Which has a strong bond H2 or H2 plus?

H2+ has a stronger bond than H2. The addition of a positive charge to the H2 molecule increases the attraction between the two hydrogen atoms, resulting in a stronger bond.

Do atoms have positive and negative parts?


Particles in atoms can be?


Do atoms have a higher number of positive charges or negative?

Normally atoms are neutral.

What describes atoms that have a positive and negative end?

Atoms do not have positive and negative ends.Molecules, which are made up of several atoms, can be positive at one end and negative at the other; these are called "polar" molecules. The most common polar molecule is water, made up of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom; H2O.

Can atoms have positive or negative charge?

Yes, if they are ions

If a proton is negative and a neutron is positive when they come together equally how can there be positive and negative atoms?

Loss or gain of electrons.

How do atoms change into positive ions?

Atoms become positive ions when they lose an electron in a reaction. An electron is negative and a proton is positive, so when the atom loses an electron it will have more positive than negative, and the atom will be a positive ion. The atoms at the left of the periodic table usually lose electrons in reactions.

Will atoms of a non metallic element form positive or negative ions?

Positive ions

Atoms with a positive or negative charge are called ions?