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No. A gallon weighs about 8 pounds, and a ton is 2,000 pounds.

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Q: Does a gallon weigh more than a ton?
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Do 9 ostriches weigh more than a ton?


What animal weighs more than a ton?

Whales weigh more than a ton and I believe elephants do to. Whales are your best bet though.

Does an ounce weigh more than a ton?

A pound is 16 ounces. A ton is 2000 pounds. So there are 32000 ounces in a ton. An ounce is a much smaller measurement than a ton.

Does a whale weigh more than 1 ton?

Some do and some don't.

What weight more a ton apples or ton of feathers?

If they both weigh a ton - then they have the sameweight.

What weights more ton of feathers or a ton of concrete?

In normal conditions (in Earth's atmosphere, at the same elevation) a ton of apples weighs more than a ton of feathers, because the density of an apple is greater than density of a feather (feathers are mostly hollow inside). Therefore, the Earth's atmosphere has a greater "floating" effect on the feathers, making them weigh less than apples. People who give "both weigh the same" answer ignore the fact that a ton (1000 kg) is the measure of mass, not weight. Let me ask: what weighs more, a ton of rocks or a ton of helium-filled balloons? Guess! ;) Consider also that if you weigh the two commodities in a vacuum then there is no buoyancy factor.

Is a ton of lead heavier than a ton of feather?

They both weigh a ton

How much does two uards of fill dirt weigh?

More than you can get into your pockets How about a ton?.

Which weights more 1 cubic yard top soil or 1 ton top soil?

A cubic yard of topsoil, if compacted to get the air pockets out will weigh more than 1 tone. If the topsoil is loose, a cubic yard of it could weigh about 1 ton. A lot depends on the topsoil, and whether it has more stone dust or less in it. The more moist the topsoil is, the more likely it will weigh more than a ton.

Does nine ostriches weigh more than a ton?

No. 9 ostriches are around 810 pounds. 22 ostriches is closest to a ton.

Does a ton of cotton or a ton of bricks weigh more?


What weighs more a ton of feathers or 1000 kilograms of gold?

They weigh the same, a ton is equivelant to 1000 Kilograms, if it helps you will need a lot more of feathers than Gold to make a ton