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A pound is 16 ounces. A ton is 2000 pounds. So there are 32000 ounces in a ton. An ounce is a much smaller measurement than a ton.

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Q: Does an ounce weigh more than a ton?
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How many tons in a ounce?

The answer would be a fraction or a decimal of a ton since a ton is more than an ounce. A lot more. If you wanted to know how many ounces were in a ton, that would be easier. There is 2000 pounds in a ton. (US). There are 16 ounces in a pound. If you multiply 16 times 2,000 that will tell us how many ounces are in a ton. 16 X 2,000 = 32,000. There are 32,000 ounces in a ton.

What is the order least to greatest gram pound ton kilogram metric ton ounce?

There is a mixture of imperial and metric units; first, I'll order each set, and then put them together in one ordered list: Imperial: ounce, pound, ton Metric: gram, kilogram, metric ton (tonne) Together depends upon where you are: 1 tonne ≈ 2205 lb * In UK which uses the long ton = 2240 lb: gram, ounce, pound, kilogram, metric ton, ton (here the metric ton is only slightly less than the ton) * In USA which uses the short ton = 2000 lb gram, ounce, pound, kilogram, ton, metric ton (here the metric ton is quite a bit more than the ton)

What weighs more than a ton of feathers and a ton of gold?

Well lets just say they weigh the same. ==> Two tons of either one does.

What weighs more ton of cotton or ton of nails?

Last answer: "Depends of how you weigh them. A ton of cotton could weigh more than a ton of nails." Not true! A ton (2000 lbs) is just a ton. 1 thing that weighs exactly 2000 pounds, cant weigh more or less than another thing that weighs exactly 2000 pounds. This is very simple! How did you get this wrong? Or maybe he/she was referring to the fact that there are at least 3 different types of tons. I am not sure. Well anyway, the point is that they were wrong, and the question now has a correct, acceptable answer. :P

Which is larger a metric ton or customary ton?

Depends on if by 'customary' you're referring to a short ton or a long ton. A short ton is less than a metric ton; a long ton is more than a metric ton.

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