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No. A pound is a measure of weight and a pint is a measure of volume. How much a pint weighs depends on what liquid is being weighed.

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Q: Does a pound weigh the same as a pint?
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What can weigh about 1 pound?

One pint of water.

How much does h20 weigh?

A pint is a pound (the whole world round).

Does 1 pint equal 1 pound?

1 US pint of water weighs a little more than a pound

What household items weigh a pound?

a pint of water.

How do you convert wet measures to dry measures?

A pint is a pint is a pint in volume. However 16 oz in a pint is 16 oz in a pound only if it is water. A pint of flour does not weigh a pound as it is not as dense as water. A pint or 16 ounces dry measure of all-purpose flour weighs about 10 ounces (.625 of a pound) Chef Instructor Wayne Wilberding

Are a pint and a pound the same?

No. ----------- Rationale: ----------- A pint is unit of volume and a pound is a unit of weight. A unit of volume does not equal a unit of weight. You can however equate a unit of volume to a unit of weight if the density of the matter which is put into the pint container weighs a pound. Alternatively, if a pint is filled with matter that has a different density, then the pint would weigh less or more than a pound. In the latter example, the weight of the pint would not be equal to a pound. Volume & weight are different units of measure.

What is heavier a pound of marijuana or a pound of cocaine?

They both weigh a pound. Which means the weigh the same

Does a pound of bricks weigh more or a pound of feathers?

No, they should weigh the same.

Does a pound of feathers weigh more than a pound of water.?

They weigh the same

How quarts are equal to pound?

The old maxim is a pint is a pound the world 'round. Therefore a quart would weigh 2 pounds.

How many pounds is one fluid pint?

APPROXIMATELY speaking: "A pint's a pound the world around." A (US) pint of water weighs slightly over a (US) pound. Fluids that are more dense than water will weigh a bit more, and fluids that are less dense (most oils, for example) will weigh a bit less.

What weighs more a pound of butter or a pound of feathers?

They both weigh the same as both of them originally weigh-in at a pound