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A square does have a centre.

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Q: Does a square have a center or do only circles have centers?
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If the area of the square is 722in find the radius?

A square doesent have a radius only circles do. :)

Can you find the area of a square if you have the circumference?

Circumfrences are only for circles.

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Is the circumference of a square linear?

A square can't have a circumference. That's only for circles squares have area, volume, or perimeter.

Where is the width and diameter of a rectangle?

A rectangle is an elongated square. It doesn't have a diameter; only circles have diameters.

How do you find the center of a circle with two given points?

If you're only given two points, and you're told that they both lie on a circle,then there are an infinite number of possible circles, and therefore an infinitenumber of possible centers. In order to pin it down, you need three points.

The INCENTER of a triangle is the center of the only circle that can be inscribed inside it?

Of course not! There are an infinite number of smaller circles.

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