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Q: Does a square have more parallel sides than a pentagon?
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Does a square have more parallel sides then a pentagon?

A square always has four. A pentagon can have 4 but often has fewer.

What shape has two parallel sides?

A trapezium or parallelogram. A pentagon can have a pair of parallel sides. Polygons with 6 or more sides can have two (or more) pairs of parallel sides.

What has more sides then a square and less then a hexagon?

A pentagon which has 5 sides.

What shape has 2 or more parallel sides?

A square has 2 parallel sides!! You dumb dumb!

How many more sides does a pentagon have than a parallelogram?

Pentagram has 5 sides A parallelogram has 4 (2 opposing sides parallel to eachother)

What shapes have more that one pair of parallel sides?

A square

Which shape has more sides than the square but less sides that the hexagon?

The pentagon satisfies those criteria precisely.

Shape that has more sides than a square but less than a hexagon and a polygon?


Which has more sides a octagon or a pentagon?

An octagon has 8 sides and a pentagon has 5 sides.

Is a polygon a pentagon a pentagon and why?

Polygons by definition have three or more sides. A pentagon has five sides. A pentagon is a polygon.

How many sides does a heptagon have more than a pentagon?

A heptagon has 7 sides and a pentagon has 5 sides so a heptagon has 2 more sides than a pentagon

What is a one figure that has one or more pairs of parallel sides?