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The pentagon satisfies those criteria precisely.

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2012-03-12 19:33:52
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Q: Which shape has more sides than the square but less sides that the hexagon?
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Shape that has more sides than a square but less than a hexagon and a polygon?


What has more sides then a square and less then a hexagon?

A pentagon which has 5 sides.

Can a hexagon have more than 8 sides?

No. A hexagon can only have six sides. No more, no less.

Which shape is not a hexagon?

There are many shapes that are not hexagons. A hexagon has 6 edges, so anything that has more or less than that would not be a hexagon. It sounds like you have a paper with several pictures on it that you expect us to magically be able to see and we can't.

A polygon with four sides less then a decagon?


What shape has obtuse angles triangle hexagon pentagon or square?

A hexagon or pentagon will have obtuse angles (greater than 90 degrees). A triangle has angles that are all less than 90 and a square has only 90.

A polygon with four sides less than a decagon?

Square * * * * * Another Community answer which is hopelessly wrong! A decagon has 10 sides. A polygon with 4 fewer sides would have 6 sides and so it is a hexagon.

What polygon has more sides then a quadrilateral but less sides than a hexagon?

A quadrilateral has 4 sides anda hexagon has 6 sides. So the polygon between them is the one that has 5 sides. That is the pentagon.

Mwhat is a polygon with four sides less than a decagon?

It is a hexagon.

Which polygon has more than 3 sides and less than 7 sides?

A quadrilateral, pentagon or hexagon.

How many diagonals does a concave hexagon have?

A concave Hexagon is that hexagon which has one of its internal angle greater than 180 degrees. It can have 8 diagonals. As compared to regular hexagon (Also convex hexagon) it has one less number of diagonals. This is because one line joining two of its vertices (that are at the end of sides forming >180 angle) fall outside the hexagon.

What is a closed shape with 6 line segments 2 angles less than a right angle and no right angles?

You are an irregular hexagon.

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