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Q: Does adding the prdfix kilo make a base unit bigger or smaller?
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How do you calculate the area of a trapezium?

bigger base + smaller base x height/2

Is a meter or millimeter bigger?

a meter is bigger; there are 1000 millimeters in a meter

How acidity of a substance can be lowered?

The acidity can be lowered by adding a base.

Why would adding an acid or base lower the pH in a solution?

Adding an acid to a solution will lower it's Ph, but adding a base will raise it's Ph.

Who has a bigger fan base Newcastle United or Leeds?

Newcatle United have a bigger fan base.

What is bigger a nucleotide or a base sub unit?

A nucleotide is bigger than base sub unit.

Who has thte bigger fan base Olympics or the world cup?

The world cup has a bigger fan base.

Who has a bigger fan base man united or man city?

Manchester United have a bigger fan base.

If more base is added to a fixed amount of base will neutralize?

A base is neutralized adding an acid, not another volume of a base.

What is the process followed to dilute acid?

Adding a base

Which causes the pH of a solution to increase?

Adding a base

What is adding base pairs to the strand?

DNA polymerase

How can you make your pool less acidic?

By adding a base.

What causes the pH of a solution increase?

adding a base.

What causes pH of a solution increase?

adding a base.

How does a transistor make a signal bigger?

by injecting a small current into the base a larger proportional current will flow in the collector by adding a resistor into the path a big voltage drop will be evident therefore voltage amplification

Who has the bigger fan base Newcastle United or Sunderland?

Newcastle United have the bigger fan base. Their most famous fans are Ant and Dec.

What is base-ten shorthand?

it is adding up the numbers with base the base ten peices like its really easy.

If a base is added to an acidic solution what happens to the ph?

Adding base will increase pH-level

Adding a base to a solution would?

reduce the H+ concentration

A lake involves adding a base to neutralize acid?


Does adding a base make an acid less acidic?

what do you mean

What do you call the process of adding acid to base?

you call it erosion

What is the purpose of adding water to the base?

To prepare a dilute solution.

How do reduce acidity in soil?

Nutruelize it, by adding a weak base