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Yes but they are not equal.

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2010-04-29 16:11:02
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Q: Does an 6 side irregular polygon have straight sides?
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What polygons can be irregular?

A regular polygon is defined as a polygon having sides that are all of equal length. Any polygon can be irregular. It is always possible to have a side that is either longer or shorter than the other sides, or indeed, for every side to be of a different length.

What is an irregular polygon?

An irregular polygon is everything a regular polygon isn't. A regular polygon is a polygon with all its sides equal, and in Euclidean Geometry, this means all its angles will be equal as well. Niels Hendrik Abel proved that polygons of sides 17, 257, 65537 (i.e. Fermat numbers when these are prime) are constructible with straight edge and compasses, i.e. Euclidean methods.

Would a star be an irregular polygon?

No. An irregular polygon is a polygon whose sides are pretty much out of control. They are usually not equal to any other one side. So, no, a star is actually a REGULAR polygon.

What are the attributes of a polygon?

A polygon has sides A polygon can have any number of side A polygon can not be curved so a circle is not a polygon Regular Polygon Has congruent sides and angles Has lines of symmetry Irregular Polygon Doesn't have any equal sides or angles Doesn't have any lines of symmetry

Is a rectangle a regular polygon or an irregular polygon?

I guess regular but I'm not sure. I think a regular polygon is a polygon that has a specific pattern, whereas an irregular one has sides that don't have specific/equal lengths. For example, a regular pentagon has the same length on each side, but an irregular one has 5 sides with random lengths. :) ur welcome

Which shape has rotational symmetry?

There are many shapes: Any regular polygon. An irregular polygon with an even number of sides in which the opposite sides and angles are equal. An irregular polygon with 3n sides where every third side is equal and every third angle is equal. and so on. A circle, ellipse, disc, oval

Can a quadrilateral shape have curved side?

no because a quadrilateral has straight sides if it were curved it wouldn't be a polygon because polygons must have straight sides

Why is a circle not considered a polygon?

A polygon is a plane that has a finite number of straight sides. Since a circle has an arced side, it's not considered a polygon.

How many side does a polygon have?

A polygon can have any number of three or more sides. It is a generic name for a many-sided figure, and does not specify a particular number of sides. A polygon is a shape constructed with straight lines and no gaps between each side.

What does a Irregular polygon must equal?

There is nothing that an irregular polygon must equal. A regular polygon must have all its sides of equal length and all its angles of equal measure. If one angle is different from the others, or if one side is not the same as the others then the polygon is irregular.

What does regular and irregular mean?

A regular polygon (a closed plane figure of straight lines) has all equal angles and all equal side lengths. For example, a square is a regular quadrilateral, because it's four edges are all the same length, and it's angles are all equal (90 degrees). A regular triangle is an equilateral triangle.An irregular polygon does not have equal sides and angles. N.B to be regular, a polygon must have both equal sides and equal angles. If a polygon has equal sides but unequal angles it is not a regular polygon.

What is a polygon without congruent side or angles?

It is an irregular polygon.

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