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The diagonals of a parallelogram do not intersect each other at right angles and so therefore they aren't perpendicular to each other.

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Q: Does diagona of a parallelogram are perpendicular?
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Is parallelogram a perpendicular sides?

A parallelogram with perpendicular sides is called a rectangle.

Is a parallelogram perpendicular?


Are the diagonals of a parallelogram perpendicular?


Does a parallelogram has perpendicular lines?

no it does not

Can the diagonals of a parallelogram be perpendicular?

Yes, if the parallelogram is a rhombus or a square.

Is a parallelogram a parallel or a perpendicular?


Does parallelogram had perpendicular sides?

No. Not necessarily.

Which parallelogram has perpendicular diagonals?

A rhombus

What parallelogram does not have diagonals that are perpendicular?


Does a parallelogram have parallel and perpendicular sides?

By definition, a parallelogram two separate pairs has parallel sides. The only type of parallelogram that has perpendicular sides is a rectangle. All others have non-perpendicular sides.

Does a parallelogram have 2 perpendicular sides?

No. A parallelogram has two parallel sides.

If a parallelogram is a rhombus then its diagonals are?

A parallelogram is a rhombus if and only if the diagonals are perpendicular

Does a parallelogram have perpendicular sides?

A parallelogram doesn't necessarily have any perpendicular sides, but it can. If it has one single 90-degree angle, then it has four of them, and it's a rectangle or square. A parallelogram without perpendicular sides is a rhomboid or rhombus.

Are the adjacent sides on a parallelogram perpendicular?

Generally no. If they are perpendicular, all four angles are right angles and the parallelogram is usually called a rectangle.

How many altitudes equal in the parallelogram?

The single altitude of a parallelogram is its perpendicular height

Can rhombuses be parallelogram?

if the diagonals of parallelogram become Perpendicular then the figure is said to be rhombus......

What is parallelogram height?

It is the perpendicular distance from the top or bottom of the parallelogram to the opposite side.

Are 2 sides of a parallelogram perpendicular?

Only in the special case when the parallelogram is a rectangle

How many perpendicular lines does a parallelogram have?


How many perpendicular sides does a parallelogram have?


What parallelogram's have perpendicular diagonals?

Equilateral parallelograms.

A parallelogram must be a rhombus if the?

diagonals are perpendicular

Is a parallelogram a quadrilateral in which opposites sides are perpendicular?


What are the names for a parallelogram that has perpendicular sides?

A rectangle

Are the diagonals in a parallelogram perpendicular?

No not all the time