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yes the original divide sign and this / sometimes used on a calculater

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Q: Does division have more then one symbol in math?
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What does Variable term means in math?

A variable is a symbol that represents one or more numbers.

Is one symbol already an expression?

is one symbol already an expression in math

What does the word variable mean in math?

A variable is a (letter) symbol that represents one or more numbers

Does division mean one in math terms?


which one do you like more math or science?


How do you use division in a sentence?

Division has more than one meaning. Math: "Division is multiplication, going the opposite direction. General: "I like this division of work. You are better with the technical details, and I'm better with people." Well, that's two sentences, to make the meaning more clear.

What is short division in math?

Short Division in math is a calculated division in one line. It is different from Long Division which is a method of calculating over a few lines used in calculating big numbers. An example of Short Division would be: 60 / 12 = 5.

What is a prime symbol in math?

A prime symbol or number is given to a number that has only 2 factors which are itself and one

How can you get 2000 stickers on first in math in one day?

You go on adding -division

What does the division symbol on a prescription mean?

It's an "i" with a line between it. It stands for "one".

A symbol that stands for one or more numbers?

a letter or symbol that stands for one or more numbers is a

What is 2 of 135 in percentage?

The word 'of' very often means 'divided by' in math. It does in this case. Do the math and get your answer. Remember, 1 of 100 is one percent, 2 of 100 is two percent. So after you do the division, your answer will probably be a little more than one percent.

What is the medical symbol for therefore?

The medical symbol for therefore is the same one used in math: three dots in an equilateral triangle pattern.

One sixth is what decimal form?

An easy way to figure this out is to do 1 ÷ 6. Remember: A fraction (½ or ¼) is division of two numbers. It is common to use the "/" (Not the "") for division. Especially in more advanced math. So the answer would be 0.166666667 as a decimal.

What is the symbol that means to divide in math?

it a line in the middle with two dots on top of it and bottom. 2nd Answer: Or, more correctly, it is a left-to-right line with one dot on top of it and one dot beneath it.

What does plus mean in math?

It is a symbol representing addition, one of the basic binary operations in arithmetic.

Who discovered division with 2 divisor?

don,t ask those questions no one likes math ok

What does the word operation mean in math?

Adding,subtracting,division, or multiplication in a math problem. * * * * * A lot more that that! It is a procedure whereby one or more values are input into a procedure which yields one or more outputs, according to some well defined mathematical procedures. The output need not be a single value - as may be seen from the conversion of Cartesian coordinates to polar coordinates or the other way around.

What does a cross inside a circle mean?

It may have different meanings; one of them, in math, is as a symbol for the XOR (exclusive or) operator.

What is a math problem with one or more unknowns?

an equation

What is a sentence for the term symbol?

A road sign is one type of symbol.As a symbol of love, a couple exchanges wedding rings.A dream may contain more than one symbol.

What kind of math is used in carpentry?

Basic addition, multiplication, subtraction, and division. Algebra is used more than one might think as well. Learn all you can it will come in handy somewhere in time.

What is the symbol for absolute value in math and how to use them?

the symbol is 2 vertical lines surrounding a number this number can not be negative. for ex: |7| this means that the number can be either 7 or -7. it can also be more than one number. ex:|7+5| = 12 or -12

What are all the properties of division?

Properties of division are the same as the properties of multiplication with one exception. You can never divide by zero. This is because in some advanced math courses division is defined as multiplication by the Multiplicative Inverse, and by definition zero does not have a Multiplicative Inverse.

How is division defined in arithmetic?

Division is a magnified decrease in quantity by separating one larger quantity into groups of smaller quantities. It is used to find out how many times one quantity is contained in another. It is the inverse of multiplication and is indicated by the ratio symbol (/). The result of division is known as the quotient.