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No. It means to find the value of. That can mean multiply, add, subtract, divide or more complicated stuff.

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Q: Does evaluate mean to multiply
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How do you evaluate the expression 4x for x equals 12?

An number with a x after mean multiply, so it would be 4x12=48

How do you evaluate 231a if a 3.6?

Multiply 3.6 by 231...

How do you evaluate 42.3t if is 3.6?

you multiply 42.3*3.6... and the answer will be 1522.8. :)

Does evaluar mean evaluate in English?

Yes evaluar is Spanish for evaluate

What does it mean to Evaluate a math expression?

evaluate means to figure out the value of something

What does critically evaluate mean?

To critically evaluate is to discuss something including its faults.

Does the word evaluate mean compare?

Evaluate means simply to find the value of.

How do you evaluate expressions with fractions?

Add, subtranct, multiply, divide, do whatever the expression calls for.

How do evaluate 8 to the power of 2?

You simply multiply 8 by 8. Your answer should then be 64.

How do you evaluate 4 to the thred power?

Multiply (4) x (4) x (4) and get 64 .

What does this question mean - Evaluate the exponential expression?

"Evaluate" means to calculate - find out what value it has.

What does by mean multiply or add?


How do you multiply patterns?

What does multiply patterns mean

What does evaluate mean?

To evaluate is to make an assessment of an amount, number or value of something. For example, if you determine what you might gain from attending a business convention, you are evaluating its benefits.

What does it mean to evaluate something?

To look over something

What does it mean to evaluate in math?

It means to solve the problem.

What does evaluate powers mean?

To determine the strength or value of...

Does area mean to multiply or divide?

It means multiply.

What does to evaluate mean in math?

Evaluate is just the big scary word for solve it, seriously couldn't they just say solve?

What dos evaluate mean?

Umm i think it means to compare and contrast? google define: evaluate and itll tell you :D

Does the math term ratio mean multiply?

No, the math term ratio doesn't mean multiply.

What is does evaluate data mean?

Evaluate means solves, and data means info or information, so u should 'solve the information'

What does it mean to multiply and divide fractions?

multiply and divide fractions!-.-

What does the word resourceful mean?

It means that we use our imagination and we evaluate.

What does it mean to evaluate?

I means to make the number go down