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Q: Does japani oil starts work with in 2 minutes?
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Does japani oil have any side effect?


Losing oil pressure after 10 minutes then starts to knock .Then shut off motor restart for another 5-10 minutes then starts too knock again?

Obviously check the oil level first. If OK, then sounds like your oil pump is bad.

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No. Nothing has ever been invented or developed yet that will increase the size of the penis or any other part of the body aside from muscles.

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What would happen to an engine if you did not put any oil in it The car would not work?

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Your car ran out of oil and after like 10 minutes of driving it starts to smoke even after you put oil in it and your temp gauge goes straight to hoteven though it has coolant?

sounds like you blew the head gasket

Why does 4.0 liter 6-cylinder knock on morning starts?

all the oil drains into the bottom of the pan when sitting all night and when you start it there is no oil up in the motor for a minute just let it idle for a few minutes it is normal.

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How much for an oil change for 2008 Yamaha r6s?

Asda sell good oil for about £12 and a filter will cost £6.50 if you search a bit - allow 15 minutes to carry out the work - job done