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No..less then means that you have less then one thing..equal means you have the same and no more then

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Q: Does less than or equal to the same thing as no more than?
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Is 100 more or less than 100?

actual 100 is equal to 100 the same number can't be more or less then the same number

Who gets more money a lawyer or solicitor?

They are more or less the same thing. Lawyer is a more encompassing term that in some jurisdictions, such as Great Britain, includes Solicitors and Barristers.

Are a theorem and a theory the same thing?

More or less, yes.

Does 750 milliliter equal 1000 milliliter?

It's 250 less. Now come on! 750 of something is hardly ever equal to 1,000 of the same thing.

If a is greater than or less than b is it the same as a greater than or equal b?

No. B is either more or less than A therefore B isn't the same as A.

Like and same -- do the mean the same thing?

no. "like" is to say that two or more things are similar to one another whereas "same" means that they are more or less exact

Is 8.60 equal to 8.6?

They're equal but not the same thing. 8.60 has more significant digits and implies a higher degree of precision than 8.6.

Who is blackwargrowlmon in Digimon?

A dark variant of WarGrowlmon. It is more or less the same thing BlackWarGreymon is for the conventional WarGreymon.

How can you tell if a fraction is less than equal to more than one?

If numerator (top number) is less than denominator (bottom number), fraction is less than 1. If numerator is more than denominator, fraction is more than 1. If top and bottom are the same number, fraction is equal to 1.

Is 0.02 equal greater or less than 0.020?

The numbers have exactly the same value.

What inequality sign means no more than?

It's the "less than" sign [ < ] above the "equals" sign [ = ].&acirc;&permil;&curren;When you see it, you read it " ... less than or equal to ... ". That's the same as " ... no more than ... "

Why do you need to become efficient?

because that means less energy is used. if something is more efficient than something else it is so because it can either use less energy to do the same thing or the same amount of energy to do more