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It's the "less than" sign [ < ] above the "equals" sign [ = ].

≤When you see it, you read it " ... less than or equal to ... ".

That's the same as " ... no more than ... "

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Q: What inequality sign means no more than?
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What is a symbol representing a quantity that doesn't have an equal sign called?

An inequality sign which means &gt; more than and &lt; less than

What inequality sign means at least than?

The symbol is &lt;.

What inequality sign means no less than?

Greater than or equal to

What is the name of the less-than-sign?

A more formal name is the strict inequality sign.

What inequality sign do you use when a word problem states no more than?

If a word problem states "no more than", the corresponding inequality sign is less than or equal to (&le;). For example, if x is no more than than 4, then: x &le; 4.

What are the critical features of an inequality?

An inequality must have a greater than sign (&gt;) OR a less than sign (&lt;) OR a greater than or equal to sign (&ge;) OR a less than or equal to sign (&le;).

What inequality sign mean no least than?

I think you mean no less than which means the same as greater than which is &gt;

What inequality sign means more than?

I've always told myself the arrow is an alligator mouth that wants to eat more food, for example:(10 > 5) (5 < 10) (5 = 5)The first one is 10 is greater than 5.The second one is 5 is less than 10.The third one is 5 is equal to 5.The inequality sign that means "more than " is >.

How do I solve this inequality y4x-5?


Is a number an expression equation or inequality?

A number is an expression. It is not an equation, or an inequality, since it doesn't have an equal sign, or an inequality (greater than, less than, etc.) sign.

What is the inequality sign for at least?

The sign is "greater than or equal to" or &ge;

What way does an inequality sign face when it is greater than or equal to?

The inequality sign opens towards the bigger number.

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