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One perfect square times another perfect square

does produce a third perfect square.

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Q: Does one squared number times another equal a third?
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What is the formula to find number of three digit numbers such that sum of the squares of any two digits is equal to third digit?

N squared would be used to find the square root of a number or numbers. In order to find the number of three digit numbers such that the sum of the square results of any two digits are equal to the third digit the use of the formula (HOE)squared=Hsquared*10000+2HE*100+Esquared is needed.

What is 6x to the third power divided by 3x to the fourth power squared equal?


One third is equal to what decimal?

One third is equal to 0.33 decimal. One third is a fraction that is derived at dividing a whole number into three equal parts.

Why is the sign for squared a two?

If you learned about numbers to powers then you will know a number or letter multiplied by its self is to the second power OR squared .like to the third power is a three

Is 1 third squared greater than one third?

No. One third squared is one ninth. One ninth is smaller than one third.

What decimal number is one third equal to?

.333333333333333...... repeating.

What number when raised to the third power is equal to 125?


What number is equal to one-third of the difference between the squares of ten and eight?

one third of the difference between ten and a number

What is the name for a number to the second power?

squared as in square units and to the third power it would be cubed as in cubed units

What is one third times 24 inches squared?

8 inches squared

How do you write 20 squared?

To write powers of a number you write the number, followed by the number of the power in superscript. For example, a number to the second power is x2, a number to the third power is x3 and so on. Squaring is taking a number to the second power. Thus 20 squared is 202, which equals 400.

What whole number does one-third equal to?

1/3 of 60?

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