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always on 0.

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A polynomial of degree zero is a constant term

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Q: Does the origin of an object always have to be at a zero on a number line or X-y plane?
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Does the origin of an object always have to be at zero on a number line or x y plane?

always on 0.

Does the origin of an object always have to be at zero on a number line or x-y plane?

The word "origin" means the point (0, 0) on the x-y plane. The meaning of the phrase "origin of an object" is much less certain.

On a number plane zero is called?

The origin.

The plane formed by the intersection of two number lines?


What do you call a mysterious bright starlike object in the galaxy core?

A region in the complex number plane such that the line segment joining any of its points to the origin lies entirely in the region.

What is point 0 0 on a coordinate plane called?

(0,0) = the origin

A plane in which a horizontal number line and a vertical number line intersect at their zero points?

Cartesian Or the origin

In a number plane what is the zero called?

See the complex number plane, it would be called the Origin, which has coordinates of (0, 0i)

What is the trigonometric form of a complex number?

The standard form of a complex number is the cartesian one; a plane with orthogonal axes for real parts and imaginary parts. A complex number has a pair of co-ordinates defining its position on the plane. A trigonometric form is a plane with an origin, and one line from the origin to infinity. A complex number is defined by its distance from the origin and the angle between the datum line and the line joining the number to the origin. It is just like co-ordinate geometry with co-ords r, theta instead of x,y.

What mirror always forms virtual image of the same size on the object?

a plane mirror (flat)

The image in a plane mirror an be upright or inverted depending on where the object is?

A plane mirror will always create an upright image of 1/2 scale.

What plane has the two number lines that intersect?

Think about it, the x & y planes intersect and what one number has both, the x & y planes intersect. 0 on the coordinate plane is the, origin.

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