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It has infinitely many rows. Except that, once you understand how the rows are generated, you do not normally use the triangle.

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Q: Does the pascal triangle has more than 20 rows?
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Why is pascal's triangle named Pascal's triangle?

Mainly for Eurocentric reasons. The triangle was well known more than 1800 years before Pascal. In Iran it is known as the Khayyam triangle (Omar Khayyam , 11-12 century); in China, it is known as Yang Hui's triangle after the Chinese mathematician from the 13th century.

How can I increase to more than 65536 rows in Excel 2007?

Excel 2007 has 1,048,576 rows, so it has more than 65,536 rows. Excel 2003 had 65,536 rows and it was not possible to increase that.

Does a triangle have more angles than a pentagon?

No a pentagon has way more angles than a triangle does.

What triangle cannot exist?

a more than 3 sided triangle a triangle with more than one obtuse/right angle

Can a triangle have more than 1 right angle?

No, a triangle can not have more than one right angle.

How many more sides does a decagon have than a triangle?

A decagon has 7 more sides than a triangle. A triangle has 3 and a decagon has 10.

What is a Triangle that is more than 90 deg?

An obtuse triangle

How many more sides does a pentagon have than a triangle?

who many more sides does a pentagon have than a triangle.

What triangle has more than one right angle?

It is impossible for a triangle to have more than one right angle.

How many more sides does a hexagon have than a triangle?

A hexagon has three more sides (6 in total) than a triangle

Does a polygon has 2 more sides than a triangle?

A polygon with 2 more side than a triangle is a 5 sided pentagon.

How many different ways can you arrange 100 stamps in rows with the same number in each row with more than 2 rows but fewer than 10 rows?

Two ways only. 4 rows with 25 stamps each or 5 rows with 20 stamps each.

Why is the pascal's triangle important to math?

So people could figure adding easier than normal if it was just writen normally on a sheet

Triangle with one angle more than 90 degrees?

Obtuse triangle

Can a triangle have more than one name?

yes it can it can be called a triangle and polygon

Which shape has 3 more sides than a triangle?

A triangle has three sides, so a hexagon (a shape with six sides) would have three more sides than a triangle.

An acute triangle is a triangle that has what?

an angle less than 90 degrees but more than 0 degrees.So basically, a triangle 89-1 degrees is an acute triangle.

What is a triangle that is exactly one angle that measures more than 90 degrees?

an obtuse triangle - obtuse- more than 90 degrees

What will help you organize data in columns and rows?

A spreadsheet can do it, as can a database. We more associate rows and columns with Spreadsheets than databases though.

Can you add more than 65000 rows to Excel 2007?

Yes. Excel 2007 supports up to 1,000,000 (million) rows.

How can you increase number of rows in a worksheet?

The amount of rows in a worksheet is fixed, so you cannot increase the amount of rows. What you can do is insert rows into part of a spreadsheet. It will have the effect of pushing rows down, but it will not increase the amount of rows in the worksheet. One of the reasons there are so many rows is that you will never use all of them, so it can push rows down to accommodate inserted rows and get rid of blank rows, but not increase the amount of rows that are in the worksheet. Excel 2007 has more rows than many of the earlier versions. It is has 1,048,576 rows whereas many of the earlier versions had 65,536 rows. Even that is more than enough to accommodate the spreadsheets that people normally create.

What a division sentence modeled by an array that has 2 more rows than the number in each row?

write a division sentence modeled by an array that has 2 more rows than the number in each row

What was Omar Khayyam's contribution to the field of math?

he described Pascals triangle 500 years prior to Pascal. He also developed the Iranian calendar, a.k.a. the Jalali calendar which was more accurate than the Gregorian calendar.

How can you insert 20 rows at a time in Excel?

If you select more than one row and then insert, Excel inserts the amount of rows selected. So the first thing to do is to select 20 rows. Then you can insert rows and it will put in 20 new rows for you.

Does isosceles triangle has how many vertexes?

Every triangle has three vertices (vertexes).If it has less than 3 or more than 3, it isn't a triangle.