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Q: Does the sum mean to add?
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Related questions

What does it mean answer to a sum?

To add the numbers together is the sum!!!! to add the numbers together is the sum!!!!

Does sum mean subtraction?

No. Sum means to add.

What does sum and difference mean?

sum mean to add and differene mean to subtrat

What does take there sum mean?

It means to add. For example, if you are told to take the sum of 5 and 8, you would add them together.

What does the sum mean in maths?

it means to add or +

What is sum mean in math?

When you add two or more numbers together, the answer you get is called the sum.

What does sum mean in maths?

Sum means add together. Eg: The sum of two and six is eight.

Make list of words which mean add?

You can make a list of words which mean 'add' by including 'sum', 'total', 'plus', 'altogether' and 'in all'.

What mean math?

Mean is where you add all of the nubers get the sum then devide by how many numbers are in the problem. Sum is all the numbers added together. So 2,3,1 add them all up and get:6 devide 6 by 3 and get 2

What does find the sum of the digits of each number above mean?

Add the digits together. The sum of the digits of 23 is 5.

The sum of 14 and the sum of 8?

You can't take a sum if you only have one number. If you mean the sum of 14 and 8, well, just add them... 14 + 8 = 22... XD

What is difference between sum and add?

A Sum is the anwser to a Question when you ADD two numbers like 23 + 1 = the sum of the question.

How do you get the mean in maths?

add up all the variables and then divide the sum by the number of variables. that will give you your mean. :)

What do you get when you divide sum or what?

when you add all the numbers you have and divide by how many there are, you get the mean or average

What is the mean of 50 90 80?

Add them together and divde the sum by 3

What are some words that mean to add in math?

more, plus, deposit, add, gain, raise, increase, sum, total

What does triangles add up to?

I'm not sure what you mean but the angle sum (what all the interior angles add up to) is 180 degrees.

What does addition mean in maths?

Add/plus/sum of. For example 2 + 2 = 4

What are the numbers that you add up to get the sum?

Any number you can add up to get the sum

What is the mean of 18 15 9 29 18 11 5 22 10?

The mathematical mean is another word for an average. To find the mean, add up all the numbers and divide the sum by how many numbers there were to begin with. In this case, when you add the numbers the sum is 137. Divide that by 9 and you get 15.2 as the average.

When you want the product of two numbers what does that mean?

"Product" means to multiply. "Sum" means to add.

Find the mean of a number?

add up mall your numbers and divid the sum by the amount of numbers there are.

What does find the sum of mean in maths language?

It means to add

Does total mean add or multiply?

Total or sum both means adding numbers together.

What does the sum of an angle mean?

The sum of an angle is a poitless concept: it is simply the measure of the angle and does not add any information.The sum of more than one angles refers to the sum of their values.