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Exactly yes.

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Q: Does the volume of a cylinder tell me how much it can hold?
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Does volume tell you how much a container will hold?


Does mass tell you how much a contanier will hold?

No. The 'volume' of the container does.

Does volume tell us how much matter weighs?

Volume "tells" us how much an object can be filled with or how much an object can hold.

Can you find the volume of a cylinder when they only tell you the base area and the height?

Volume = (height)(area base)

How many cubit feet of cylinder 24 inches diameter?

We need to know the diameter AND the length of the cylinder to tell you the cubic volume.

Just tell you the proof that volume of cone is equal to three times the volume of cylinder?

Volume of cylinder = PI r^2 h where r = radius and h= height Volume of Cone = (1/3) PI r^2 h where r=radius and h= height Therefore, the volume of a cone is one-third of the volume of a cylinder.

What is the formula for finding the height of a cylinder?

That depends on what you already know about it. Formulas are just relationships between what you do know and what you don't know. I can't tell you what formula to use until you tell me what you know. Example: If you know the volume of the cylinder and its radius, then Height = Volume / pi xradius2 If you know the area of the cylinder and its radius, then Height = Area / 2 x pi x Radius If you know the volume and area of the cylinder, then Height = Area2 / 4 x pi x Volume

What is the volume of a cylinder with a radius of 2 and a height of 5?

dude idk i thought u would tell me

What is the formula in finding the volume of a graduated cylinder?

The volume of any cylinder is the area of the base times the height. If you know the radius of the base that would be Pi times the Radius squared times the height. Graduated just means it has the increments of measurement marked on the side so you can tell how much liquid you have in it.

What is the square feet of a 24 diameter drainage pipe?

I couldn't possible tell you! You haven't given enough measurements, but I will tell you the formula to figure out the volume of a cylinder. The volume of a cylinder is simply the area of the circular base times the cylinder's height. Volume of a cylinder = Pi x r^2 x h, or 3.14 x r-squared x h= v, where Pi = 3.14 r = radius of the base circle, and (in your case, the radius would be 12) h = height of the cylinder

How much water in 100 ft of 4 inch hose?

Volume of a cylinder = (pi) x (radius)2 x (length) Volume of the hose = (pi) x (2 in)2 x (1200 in) = 15,080 cubic inches= 65.28 gallons That's the volume of the hose. We have no way to tell how much water there may be in it.

What is a graudated cylinder?

A Graduated Cylinder is a piece of Lab Equipment. It is a vertical cylinder of glass which has makings on the outside to tell the user how much liquid is in it.

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