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No it mean to multiply

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Q: Does the word product mean add?
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What prefix would you add to a word to mean one?

"Uni-" is the prefix you would add to a word to mean one.

When you want the product of two numbers what does that mean?

"Product" means to multiply. "Sum" means to add.

Does product mean add?

no, it means times[x] ithink

What does the word product means?

The product mean like 7n in algebra.

Does product mean add or multiply?

Product= the total of two integers multiplied together Sum= The total of two integers added together

What is another word for multiplication?

Multiply, Times, Add same numbers, Product

How do you use the add in a sentence?

Using the word add in a sentence. Well, I would add the word add to the sentence by doing this: saying like what does the word Add mean? Well, your question is still a sentence. So anything with the word add is the sentence. Hope this helped.

What does the word product mean in algebra?

In math and algebra, a product is the result of multiplication. The product of a x b is ab.

What does the suffix duct mean in product?

In the word "product" the letters "~duct" are not a suffix and have no independent meaning.

What does the word product mean in a chemical reaction?

its the scientific word for producta a proven word in a chemical oxide

What does it mean when you add ish to a word?

When you add the suffix -ish to a word, it means that something has characteristics of the root word. For example, stylish means something has style.

What does sum mean in a word problem?

It means 'add'. The sum of 2 and 3 is 5. Whereas the 'product' of 2 and 3 is 6 i.e. 2 X 3.

What is the word prefix mean?

prefix means add at the beginning.

What does the word product mean?

Product means the things you buy at the store.There is also the math product. Which means theanswer for a multiplication problem.It can also mean a product, no food produce, but a buyer one, anything you buy.product means like an item

What does it mean to find the product of something?

Product means to multiply the operands. The product of 5 and 6 is 30. Sum means to add the operands. The sum of 5 and 6 is 11.

What does product mean in word problems?

The answer you get when you multiply two numbers together.

What does the word product mean in an algebra expression?

It means the result of a multiplication.

How can we determine what to do add subtract multiply or divide on word problem questions on whole numbers?

Word problems have key words, like sum, add, difference, subtract, product, multiply, quotient, divide.

What does the word product mean in maths?

The product in math is the result of multiplying numbers together. For example, 50 x 3 = 150. The product is 150.

What word can you add to purpose to mean numerous uses?


What does the word identity in addition mean?

Identity of addition means the answer and then add

What does the word embellish mean?

It means to add decorations or extra details.

What prefix could you add to the word questionable for it to mean not questionable?


How does marketing add value to a product?

Product has 3 parts which is core product, total product and amendment product and marketers add value to total product. Core product comes from manufacturer which is nothing to do with marketing and amendment product means warranty. how do they add vale to total product? it can be packaging, advertising, designing for changing customer behavior.

In math what does the word multiple mean?

It mean the product of a given whole number and another whole number.