Does the word product mean add?

Updated: 9/19/2023
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No it mean to multiply

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Q: Does the word product mean add?
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Does product mean add?

no, it means times[x] ithink

When you want the product of two numbers what does that mean?

"Product" means to multiply. "Sum" means to add.

Does product mean take away or add?

take away it is deacreasing

Does product mean add or multiply?

Product= the total of two integers multiplied together Sum= The total of two integers added together

What is another word for multiple?

Multiply, Times, Add same numbers, Product

How do you use the add in a sentence?

Using the word add in a sentence. Well, I would add the word add to the sentence by doing this: saying like what does the word Add mean? Well, your question is still a sentence. So anything with the word add is the sentence. Hope this helped.

What does the word product mean in algebra?

In math and algebra, a product is the result of multiplication. The product of a x b is ab.

Is lipgloss one word?

Yes, "lipgloss" is one word. It is a product used to add shine and color to the lips.

What does the suffix duct mean in product?

In the word "product" the letters "~duct" are not a suffix and have no independent meaning.

What does sum mean in a word problem?

It means 'add'. The sum of 2 and 3 is 5. Whereas the 'product' of 2 and 3 is 6 i.e. 2 X 3.

What prefix should you add to the word social?

The prefix you can add to the word "social" to mean a lack of social interactions or relationships is "anti-".

What does it mean when you add ish to a word?

When you add the suffix -ish to a word, it means that something has characteristics of the root word. For example, stylish means something has style.