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Because: tan(60) = square root of 3

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Q: Don't get why Tangent 60 degrees equals 50 x sq root of 3 should be sq rt of 3 divided by 50?
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What is the adjacent angle to an acute triangle whose hypotenuse is 135 degrees?

The answer should be 67. 5 degrees. The adjacent angle equals the hypotenuse divided by two. After calculation the answer should be approximately 68 degrees.

How do you find an angle using sine cosine tangent?

If you know the angle's sine, cosine, or tangent, enter it into the calculator and press <inverse> sine, cosine, or tangent. On MS Calc, in Scientific Mode, using Degrees, enter 0.5, then check Inv and the press sin. You should get 30 degrees. The other functions work similarly.

How do you get the tangent of 81 degrees?

On your calculator, there should be a Tan button. Hit that, then type in 81. Voila! Tan81 = 6.313751515 (As far as my calculator shows.)

How do you construct a line tangent through a circle through a point outside the circle?

The tangent line only touches the outside of a circle at one given point. So an outside line perpendicular to the circle's diameter at 90 degrees should do.

Can 36 be divided by 3?


What is the solution sets for sin3x plus sin2x plus sinx equals 0?

The solitions are in degrees. You may convert them to degrees should you wish. x= 0,90,120,180,240,270,360

What temperature equals medium heat on a portable electric griddle?

325 degrees should be right in the ball park.

How do you find the normal and tangent of a circle?

The link below gives the equations for the line that tangent. Once you have that, finding the normal should be straightforward.

What is seven divided by seventeen point forty six?

They do have calculaters you know. Type in : 7 / 17.46 then equals. That should bring you to your answer.

What should be our head pressure on a R22 unit on a 90 degree day?

265 PSI which equals 120 Degrees Fahrenheit, basically you add about 30 to 35 degrees to the outdoor ambient temperature example 90 degree day at 30 to 35degrees which equals 120 degrees on the high side

What does a sphere with a tangent look like?

If your question is " What is the shape of a sphere's tangent?" , then the answer is : a plane. A plane basically touches the sphere at only one point and hence , it should be a plane. It cannot be a straight line , as a straight line is a tangent for 2D objects,( ie.) a circle.

What times what equals 37795.28?

Well, 37795.28 divided by 2 = 18897.64 so it should be divisible by (and be a multiple of) even numbers, as well as 1.

How many times should bell be rung?

It all depends on the dimensions of the orifices circumference of the bell, multiply the radius times 2 divided by pie times the speed of sound divided by 20 decibels equals.

X divided by 35 equals 7?

x over 35 equals 7 so.... x/35= 7 times 35 by 7 to get x 35x7=245 your final answer should be x=245

63 degrees and how many make right angled triangle?

all internal angles in a triangle should add up to 180. If you already have an angle of 63 degrees and a right angle (90 degrees) the the other angle must be 27 degrees. 180 - (63 + 90) equals 27

How many yards are equivalent to 17.25 feet?

One yard equals three feet. Therefore, 17.25 feet divided by 3 equals 5.75 yards. (A check on the above answer is to multiply 5.75 by three and the answer should be 17.25).

Longitude is divided into multiples of how many degrees?

There is no such division. You would not ask "Height is divided into multiples of how many inches?" Some maps and globes show a line every so many degrees of longitude, and some don't. The ones that do may mark a line every 10 degrees, 15 degrees, 20 or 30 degrees, etc. You should not make the mistake of thinking that those are the only longitudes that exist, or that there's some reason for dividing them up that way.

What is 5.89 as a fraction?

89 is almost 90 which is nine tenths of a whole. Without formula I will start at 15/16ths. Where 15 divided by 16 equals what? Try also, 13/16ths where 13 divided by 16 equals what? There has to be a formula for a more accurate and quicker method or calculation. So instead of getting answers to your school homework here, you should learn the formula. You should learn all formulas!

What is 42 plus n divided by 4 for n equals 8?

if it's this like this 42+n/4=? and n=8firstly u should do the 8 divided by 4 then do the other functions42+8/4=42+2=44

How soon after two o'clock will the hands of a clock form a 40 degrees angle for the first time?

At two o'clock the hands will form 60 degrees so use a protractor and set the hands at 40 degrees to read out the time which should be nearly two minutes after two because one minute is equals 6 degrees.

When you add up three angles in a triangle they should total degrees?

yes they should. i it should total= 180 degrees

How do you solve the equation blank minus blank times blank divided by blank equals 78 using the numbers 54 9 84 and 1?

i think you should add them

How should the word together be divided into syllables?

It should be: To-get-her

What is the supplement of 45?

The supplementary angle of 45 degrees is 135 degrees.

Should Andhra Pradesh be divided?