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Take 3 and substitute into the expression given to you but not mentioned in the question here and evaluate the expression. "Sub and Solve" I say.

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Q: Evaluate the variable expression for x equals 3?
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Evaluate the expression for the given value of the variable 5y - 1 for y equals 3?


How do you evaluate variable expressions?

To evaluate a variable expression, replace all the variables with numbers and simplify the resulting numerical expression. 3m for m = 9 3(9)=27

How do you evaluate expression 0.2 x n for n equals 3 and n equals 6?

3 6

Evaluate this expression for these numbers abc a equals 2 b equals 4 c equals 3?

2*3*4 = 24

How do you Evaluate the expression 7d-5c if d equals 7 and c equals 3?

(7 x 7) - (5 x 3)

Evaluate the expression 3x2y when x equals 3 and y equals 5?

(3 * 3)(2 * 5) (9)(10) 90

Evaluate the expression for a 4 and b 3.?

Unfortunately there is no expression to evaluate!

What is x to the 2nd power plus 2x equals 3?

A quadratic expression in the variable x.

What is the variable in this algebraic expression of 6n 3?

The unknown variable in the expression: 6n+3 is n

What is the expression for x equals 3 and y equals 6?

A mathematical expression in its' most simplistic form, merely assigns a value to a variable. Don't confuse an expression with an equation. An equation requires a solution. An expression cannot be "solved". It only allows you to determine the value of a variable. This is the expression in words "x is equal to 3" (X is the variable which is equal to the constant number 3) This is the expression in numbers "x=3" The expression in words "y is equal to 6" (Y is the variable which is equal to the constant number 6) The expression in numbers is "y=6" I hope you understand now.

Explain why you cannot find a numerical value for the expression 4x - 5y for x equals 3?

You cannot because the expression still contains the unknown variable y.

How do you evaluate the variable expression 3a plus 2b?

You need values for a and b, then you multiply a by 3, b by 2 and add your answers.

Is 3 plus 3 plus 3 plus 3 a numerical or variable expression?

It is a numerical expression.

What is the answer to Evaluate the expression 0.3 3 - 0.5?


What sequence does the arithmetic variable 5n plus 2 represent?

Put n = 1, 2, 3, 4 etc in the expression 5n + 2 and evaluate to get the sequence.

What is the variable in this algerbraical expression 6n plus 3?

n is the variable.

What do you call replacing a variable in an expression by a number?

A variable is a letter that represents a number. An expression that contains at least one variable is called variable expression, also called algebraic expression. A variable expression has one or more terms. A term is a number, a variable, or a product of numbers and variables. For example,3(x^2)y + 2xy + x - 7 is a variable expression, where you have 4 terms.When working with variable expression, you often use the substitution principle:If a = b, then a may be replaced by b in any expression.The set of numbers that a variable may be represent is called replacement set, or domain, of the variable. To evaluate a variable expression, you replace each variable with one of its values and simplify the numerical expression that results.Example: Evaluate the expression 2x - 4y for x = 5 and y = -9.Solution:2x - 4y= 2(5) - 4(-9)= 10 + 36=46

What is mathematical or numerical expression?

It is a combination of numbers and variables, linked together by mathematical functions. For example sqrt(2y/3*7.34*pi) where y is some variable. Given the value(s) of the variable(s) it is possible to evaluate (find the value of) the expression.

What is the variable in expression 3-5w?

It is the w

How do you evaluate the expression math?


Evaluate the expression -3?

As it stands (because the rest of the expression may be missing) the evaluation to the constant value of -3 will be the result.

Please Evaluate this algebra expression -4 -3?


What is the coefficient of a variable and an algebraic expression?

In the expression 5x + 3, the coefficient is 5.

What is a variable expression for n divided by 3?


What is the variable in the algebraic expression 7d 3?

It is: d