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Q: Which word phrase could represent the variable expression 2p 3?
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What is the meaning of q in algebra?

It could represent an unknown variable in an expression or an equation.

Does the horizontal axis of a line chart represent variable quantity?

No, it could be a qualitative variable.

What does a variable represent in P equals 3?

the variable represents any number that the P could be

What is another way to represent this expression 7n3n-4?

It could be: 21n2-4

What is a numerical or constant quantity placed before and multiplying the variable in an algebraic expression?

That could be a 'coefficient'.

What does an over-line bar over a variable mean in physics?

It could represent a vector.

P with a line over it?

Could represent a vector P. Or the average (mean value) of a variable P.

How do you find the excluded value when there isn't a variable in the denominator?

There could be a variable in the numerator which is not defined. For example, [tan(x)]/3 has no variable in the denominator but the expression is not defined for x = pi/2, for example (90 deg).

What does m stand for in physics?

Typically m is used to represent Mass; though, as it is a variable, m could be used for anything.

When you write an equation for a problem such as 300 of what number is 180 what do you use to represent the phrase' what number'?

"What number" here is a number of unknown quantity, or what some might call a variable (as its value can vary). And in algebra, what is arguably the most common symbol we find in use is x.In this case, 300 of x is 180 as was asked in the question.

What does value of variables mean?

In algebra, variables are represented by letters such as x. A variable could be any number. That number is the "value" of the variable. In an expression, you can choose a number to put in for x, and simplify to get a number which is the value of the expression. In an equation, you can solve for the value of x, which will be the value of x which makes the equation true.

What is the expression for difference of 8 and a number?

n - 8 is the expression for the difference of eight and a number.'Number' is a variable, so the variable must be a letter (in this case, 'n'). 'The difference' is going to be the subtraction symbol that is in between the 'number' and eight, so it must be n - 8. It could, of course, be 8 - n.