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Q: Every decimal has an equivalent fractions?
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Are there more fractions than decimals?

No. Every fraction has a decimal expression but not every decimal has a fractional (rational) equivalent. There are infinitely many fractions: the cardinality of the set of fractions is Ào (Aleph-null). If the set of decimals is considers equivalent to the set of real numbers, then the cardinality of the set is 2À0 !

How can you tell if fractions are equivalent?

Divide the denominator into the numerator. If the answers are the same decimal, the fractions are equivalent.

How can you find equivalent fractions to a given decimal?

You turn the decimal into a fraction. Then you can find the equivalent fraction.

Do equivalent fractions convert to the same decimal?

NoImproved Answer:-Yes equivalent fractions can be converted into identical decimals.

Name three fractions whose decimal equivalent is 0.40?

The three fractions whose decimal equivalent is 0.40 are 4/10. 8/20 and 16/40. There are many more fractions that would have the same decimal result.

What is the decimal fractions equivalent for five hundredths?

In decimals: .05, in fractions: 5/100.

What is the equivalent fractions for 4 and one fifth?

4.2 is the equivalent decimal fraction.

How do you add fractions with unlike denomanators?

You first convert them to equivalent fractions with a common denominator. Or you convert them to decimal fractions.

How do you know the equivalent fractions for 3 over 4 are equivalent?

The decimal conversion of the equivalent fractions of 3/4 should be equal to 0.75.

How do you match equivalent fractions?

One way to do it is to convert them to decimals by performing the division. Equivalent fractions become the same decimal.

Which decimal is equivalent to 1.7?

1.7 is a decimal. In fractions, 17/10 is equivilent to 1.7

What is the equivalent form of 0.25?

0.25 is a decimal number. In fractions it is the equivalent of 1/4.

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