Examples of dependent variable

Updated: 12/15/2022
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Q: Examples of dependent variable
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What is definition and examples of dependent variable and independent variable?

I'm doing a science project on if fingerprint patterns are inherited? what is the control, independent variable and dependent variable? An ''independent variable is a ''variable which is presumed to affect or determine a dependent ''variable. independent variable is typically the variable being manipulated or changed and the dependent variable is the observed result of the independent variable being manipulated.'''''' Example; In price and sales relationship one can manipulate price to check its effect on sales, so sale is dependent and price is independent variable.

Non examples of independent and dependent variables?

doesn't have to have a variable of any thing !!!

What causes change in a dependent variable?

The dependent variable is dependent on the independent variable, so when the independent variable changes, so does the dependent variable.

Is price is independent variable or dependent variable?

dependent variable

What is a dependent variable is?

is dependent on the independent variable

Is the dependent variable the results?

Yes, the dependent variable is the variable which is measured.

What statement describes the dependent variable?

The dependent variable is the outcome or response that is being measured in an experiment. It is what is affected by changes in the independent variable, which is the variable being manipulated. The dependent variable is dependent on the independent variable.

Which variable is independent and which variable is dependent?

and independent variable is bigger than a dependent variable

What is independent a dependent variables?

The independent variable is the variable that is altered by the scientist, and the dependent variable's value is dependent on the value of the independent variable.

How do you control the dependent variable?

Technically you can't control the dependent variable. However, by controlling and monitoring the Independent variable, (the variable which determines the dependent variable) you could lead the dependent variable to produce favourable results.

Is dependent variable dependent on the independent variable?


Manipulated independent variable?

The manipulated/independent variable is a variable that changes and it is what the responding/dependent variable change because of the manipulated variable.