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Q: Is dependent variable dependent on the independent variable?
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What is a dependent and independent variable?

It depends on what you are looking at. If you want to look at changes in variable Y when a variable X is changed, then X is the independent variable and Y is the dependent. But if you want to look at changes in X which accompany changes in Y, then Y is the independent variable and X is the dependent.

What are the two parts of a controlled experiment?

a dependent variable and an independent variable a dependent variable and an independent variable they are the dependent and independent variable

What is independent a dependent variables?

The independent variable is the variable that is altered by the scientist, and the dependent variable's value is dependent on the value of the independent variable.

Which variable is independent and which variable is dependent?

and independent variable is bigger than a dependent variable

What causes change in a dependent variable?

The dependent variable is dependent on the independent variable, so when the independent variable changes, so does the dependent variable.

Independent vs dependent variables?

Free from outside control means Independent . While dependent Is opposite.

What is the dependent and independent in a experiment?

The independent variable of an experiment is the variable that you change, and the dependent variable is the result of the independent variable.

Does the independent or dependent variable change?

The Independent variable is the one you control. The dependent variable is controlled by the Independent Variable.

What is the independent manipulated variable?

the independent variable that changes the dependent variable. the dependent variable is what you are changing

What is a dependent variable is?

is dependent on the independent variable

How does the independent variable affects the dependent?

the dependent variable changes based on the independent variable

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