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56 X 10-2 centimeter

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Q: Explain how to give the measurement in centimeters of a 56 millimeter object?
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Explain how to give the measurements in centimeters of a 56mm object?

you'll need lots of centimeters to go in a 56 millimeter object

Explain how to give the measurement in centimeters of a a 56 mm object?

just measure it in centimeters

Will you get more procise measurement if you measure an object to the nearest centimeter or nearest millimeter?

the nearest millimeter

How do you get a measure in centimeters of a 56 millimeter object?

Divide millimeters by 10: 56 millimeters is 5.6 centimeters.

How do you give the measurement in centimeters of a 56 mm object?

Answer- there is lot of centimeters in 56mm.

What does centimeters square mean?

Centimeters squared is a measurement of a certain 2 dimensional object by length and width (or base and height) expressed in cm2.

What object is a centimeters?

cm typically refers to the unit of measurement, a Centimeter -- 100 Centimeters = 1 Meter, 1 Centimeter = .394 Inches

How do you get the measurements centimeters of a 56 millimeter object?

You simply divide millimetres by 10 to turn them into centimetres. Therefore the answer you're looking for is 5.6cm

Which one is bigger the millimeter or the mass?

The question is illogical: Millimeters are one one-thousandth of a meter, and mass is the statement of measurement of atomic weight an object.

What is an object a millimeter long?

A pinhead.

What are examples of objects the size of a millimeter?

An example of an object the size of a Millimeter (mm) is the tip of your pencil. An example of an object the size of a Centimeter (cm) is the fingernail.

What object measures a millimeter?

a meter stick can be used

What objects are measured in meters?

any object can be measured in meters, centimeters, millimeters or any other unit of measurement to suit the circumstances or the system to which you are familiar

What is the density of an object with a mass of 50 grams and the volume of 5 centimeters squared?

5cm2 is not a volume measurement, it is an area measurement. I'm going to assume you meant 5cm3, which is a volume measurement. density = mass/volume = 50g/5cm3 = 10g/cm3

What is an everyday object that measures 1 millimeter?

A pin head.

What is 1000 larger than a millimeter?

The answer depends on 1000 of WHAT object.

How many centimeters across a handprint?

[object Object]

The measurement of the force of gravity on an object is the object's?


An object is located 51 millimeter from a diverging lens the object has a height of 13 millimeter and the image heightg is 3.5 millimeters how far in front of the lens is the image located?


What is an object that is 15 centimeters long?

a regular pencil, approximately

What is height measurement?

height measurement is the accurate and dependable measurement for a man, object or anything.

What object are 1 millimeter long?

A pinhead is about 1 mm across.

Where is measurement used in?

measurement is used on every object in the universe. Different measurements are used depending on the size of an object

The measurement of the force of gravity on an object is the objects?

... the object's weight.

What is the measurement of the mass of an object per volume of that object?