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Q: Explain why the term bell curve is appropriate for a graph of a normal distribution of traits?
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How do you explain five traits of the entrepreneurial ventures?

explain five traits in the entrepreneurial ventures.

How does the distribution of traits in a population look when displayed as a graph?

The term you are probably looking for is a Bell curve, which is a Gaussian distribution.

Was the distribution of human traits been frozen for the past 2 centuries?


What is exactly qualitative inheritance?

It is traits which exhibit a non-continous (bell curve) distribution.

Explain the universality of traits of effective leaders?

There is no agreed upon list of effective traits. Leadership requires different combinations of leadership traits according to the situation.

How did the work of Mendel help explain inheritance of traits?

because of punjabi

What can Gregor Mendel work can be summed up in?

A table showing the distribution of inheritance traits down the generations.

What is phenotype frequency?

A ratio of individuals with a particular phenotype to the total number of individuals in the population. Individuals with certain phenotype --------------------------------------------------- (Over) Total # of individuals within the population The distribution of traits in a population

Explain how the inheritance of traits is controlled in organisms Use the term genes and alleles in you explanation?

The most dominant traits are the ones that control organisms genes.

If you decided to have a child one day and are given the opportunity to select for special traits would you do so explain?

no. because god made you with your traits and you shouldn't change it

How do you teach children gratitude?

Modeling traits and manners you wish to instill in children is a very appropriate approach.

What is tragic virtue?

The hero exhibits traits that are normally considered desirable; however, because of their circumstances, the traits cause his/her downfall. These traits, under normal circumstances, are considered the Hero's greatnss.